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Intoxicating Bliss


Yesterday's broadcast was a Nectar to my being.
Soon after the meeting had started, I was inebriated with Bliss.
Laughter came out of this cosmic joke called Life. I can't stop laughing even now!
(luckily I don't have to be at a funeral)
There was no remnant of mind to ask for more.
It was nothing but pure joy, a feast in Heaven.

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Meeting David in Person


My desire to meet David in person became very strong over time. I was immersed in Bhakti, my heart was overflowing with longing. I felt as if David had given me everything, even though I live overseas. I knew that sudden realizations are spontaneous and when I had been given the grace to meet David, I came without expectations or assumptions about what might happen.

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Coincidences happen with David


Meeting David on the web was a coincidence, which was described in "My Story" section. However, coincidences keep happening. Since meeting David, a desire to meet him in person, and attend an intensive, arised. It did not come from underestimating the amazing internet meetings, but simply from love and longings to the teacher.

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