I haven't been on the forum for a long time, but just had to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, David for coming once again to Fairfield to be with us for 5 wonderful days. There is nothing like your darshan to enliven within and without the many facets of sat, chit, ananda, of consciousness, love, and shaki in its many manifestations. Your presence just seems to so effortlessly bring that all about. And I'm sitting here while writing this still feeling your influence alive with me. Thank you so much! You and Orley are welcome here as often as you want to come.

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For All Those Times I Disappeared in Bliss


So many times
Blissfully dissolved
By the end of meditation
With you

So beautifully undone
I could not come back in time
To say thank you

For all those times I disappeared utterly in Bliss
And then returned to find
That familiar stunning sweetness
And longing for you again...

Thank you

I am ever in gratitude and appreciation
Of who you are
And my spiritual relationship with you

Thank you

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Full Frontal Blast of Energetic Joy


Dear David - I feel so much gratitude for what happened during the weekend web intensive. As I mentioned in the chat room, I felt a fullness throughout my body such as I have not felt before. This comes after having talked with you at the Friday satsang about the falling away of everything and the flat ‘equanimity’ that I had been feeling for a few months. However, during the intensive I immediately felt a palpable full frontal energetic blast of joy and bliss throughout my entire being. Although I chatted that it felt like a shower, I realize that word didn’t really capture it.

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Atemporal Radiance


The fact that David Spero ‘s videos radiate is still unbelievable to me. In playing a video, time is transcended and a living a-temporal Radiance is alive through the video-- now and now and now. How is that? Its amazing—its earth shattering. We can be led into a familiarity about it by being with David, but the fundamental earth-shattering nature of the actuality of this should never be left. When I feel this --and which no one word can do justice to it, I realize how earth shattering and remarkable it is.

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Consciousness Alone Exists – Part 5: Implications for Neuroscience


What are the implications for neuroscience given the context for discussion I have developed in this blog series? Neuroscience, as I have proposed, is to be practiced with a metaphysical paradigm with an essential axiom excluding the operation of thought providing a reason for the hard problem of consciousness.

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Consciousness Alone Exists – Part 4: Meditation and Grace


It has been raining on and off for days in Havana. In this world it is an opportunity to take long naps. Everything is difficult and slow. A gap in the weather brought the miracle of delivery of table, chairs and cabinetry that was supposed to be finished two months ago in November. I lived in Soviet and post-Soviet places many years so I have the private joke that the Russians did a good job of showing the Cubans how not to live, and live in accord to “You pretend to pay me, I pretend to work”. Well, I don't even pretend to work and my days go by with the grace of Meditation!

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Swept Away


Deep immersion in Being tonight. I feel so light, with Shakti flowing through my body. Intense gratitude to you, David. Lyn

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Consciousness Alone Exists – Part 3: A Neuroscience of Attention


I expect by the time I post this on David's website I will be about to return to New York from Havana, so I will have been working on this 5 part series of blog entries for six weeks. I have been doing very little of a “practical” nature. I do housekeeping, a little cooking and take shopping excursions with Marcia. I have been doing some design work for completing some furniture with carpenters and beginning some ironwork projects. I can practice tabla more each day and memorize some poetry. I am re-learning songs from the mystic poets of Bengal I first learned in the 1970s.

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Consciousness Alone Exists – Part 2: Mind-Brain Relationship


I have been in the new place in Havana for several weeks running now. This series of blog entries is approaching completion. I posted the first one to David's website recently and now this one. It has been a great way to occupy my thought sphere! I may get more posted before I return to New York February 15. My plan is to attend David's Intensive in March and have everything of “Consciousness Alone Exists” up on the website by that time.

First, to recap from Part 1:

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Consciousness Alone Exists – Part 1: Preamble


Since relocating to Havana I have been enjoying, as a aspect of my activity, writing for the blog made available for me by David Spero's website. Writing evokes meditative awareness, along with avocations such as music (tabla), poetry (Ramprasad/Hixon). Also important are taking out the garbage, getting plenty of rest, watching good movies from Cuba's excellent black market, and getting inspiration from a few choice texts always on my bed table (D.S., U.G. and J.K.). I am usually finding fascinating things going on in the world in which I detect some fragrance of the Divine.

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