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By paul 8 years 7 months ago

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Last night's (Wednesday Jan 20, 2010) online meditation with David was, as always, extremely powerful and blissful. I quickly dropped into a deep mediation to the point that I was "barely aware" that I was "barley aware".

Towards the end of the event I was a "goner". Around 8:07 PM I came out of meditation to see that the event was over! It was as if I was in a room full of mediators and everyone got up and left me still sitting on the floor only to "wake up" to an empty room.

My first thought was, "Where did everybody go?" Then, "What time is it?" Then, "Wow, I was off the planet."

Today I feel residual Bliss waves going though my mind and body. We must be the luckiest people on Earth to be able to enjoy this kind of Grace.

Thank you David.


By Abha 8 years 7 months ago

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David has held 4 events this week. Below is my experience of those 4 events.
Tuesday's 1 and 1 half hour meditation event was Divine Love, moving in and through my body/mind bringing with it the ecstasy of the Shakti energy and leaving me saturated in bliss.
Sitting in Wednesday's 1 hour meditation event, there was an intense blast of Light energy that expanded or dissolved my body/mind into a sense of expanded freedom, to the extent that I was not able "find" my body or mind until after the broadcast. In other words, I was being held transfixed, in the Light field without any thoughts or bodily reference.
In Friday's one and a half hour meditation event, the most ecstatic and blissful shakti energy was followed by an emergence of Light energy that again stretched or dissolved my body/mind into the expanse of Light so that again, it wasn't until after the end of the event that I could reference my mind or body.
On Saturday's 5 hour event, by the 4th hour, the whole room of people were so expanded that there was a very real sense that the "we" (group) had become "one" heart/mind "being" in a primal relaxation that you might attribute to a flock of birds flying organically synchronized in the same direction. We sat for a few hours in this perfect oneness and bliss and then each of us carried it home. After that event, I realized that, through the week, I had been so expanded and energized that I now was feeling a bit vulnerable, shifted out of my comfortable mode of being, into a fuller self, that I would have to let "settle", coalesce into the "new" me. Today, feeling more settled, I found that in meditation, I was immediately carried into bliss, not as intensely as during the week's events, but the bliss was close at hand. The day's activities have flowed with that bliss awareness still in the background.
David links us to the Source with such tenderness and Love, that one experiences being carried down this river of Divine Love, effortlessly, by the Divine Mother.

By michael ortega 8 years 7 months ago

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An enllightening bolt out of nowhere, this weekend's Intensive with David burned Divine Consciousness, or Satchitananda, into the nervous system. Ecstasy raised me from the dead. I was dead tired, dejected, bummed out, and during the day I mutated into the primacy of Ecstasy, leaving my cares abandoned among the lillies.

What I learned, or realized was that anything, I mean ANYTHING, can be converted into Bliss. I have read about this in Tantric literature for years, about the possibility of converting the dross of our suffering into Awakened Bliss, but could never achieve it on my own. The difference that makes a difference, is the Master, for he transmits his Enlightened state, and you experience THAT. Everything, then, can be offered into the fire. As the Sufi saying goes, "He who tastes, knows." The great Master Sri Aurobindo refered to the transformations of pain into Bliss, as Raudrananda,which is a "fierce, violent delight." He was bitten by a large fire ant and this was instantaneously transmuted into Bliss. "My" unhappiness was absorbed, or fed into the fire of David's Transmission and I was purified. Everything was immediately converted into Bliss. There comes a point where this is so. No matter what we think, feel, etc. It all goes up in flames. If we are outraged about injustice, society, our relationships, our job, physical pain, the entirety of our lives,or whatever, it can all go up in the flames of the Transmission. David has said that, "The Mother has an inexhaustible appetite for our ignorance;" therefore all of it, all contraction and pain, which exist within that ignorance, can be offered into that fire. It was then that I beheld a vision of David standing in front of a roaring bonfire, with a wild glimmer in his eye, gesturing with his hand to join him, to offer it all up into his gift, which is incomparable, and the only Truth worth dying into.

David is a miracle, the fact that he lives in, and as this brilliant, intoxicating transmission, and can share this with us, sets me on fire and I don't wish to rest until I too am incinerated in these flames of Bliss.

By larusc 8 years 7 months ago

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My relationship with this website started about one year ago. David caught my attention via youtube videos.
It were moments of wonder to listen to his videotalks, it was so wonderfully coinciding with what had been brewing in my inner life perhaps for some few weeks prior to the meeting with David via youtubevideos. In those few weeks I had been going through introspection and reflection on my journey as an active spiritual pilgrim of some 20 years and in fact further back when I was at the age of tvelve when I had my first touch of blissfilled and shakti inebriated experience during praying alone in my room. That initial experience in childhood was never lost but often forgotten in troublesome times of youth and ignorance,though sometimes in my pilgrimage years it was repeated in graceful moments during meditation.

So one year ago, going through this time of retrospection and returning to the innonsence of the age of tvelve, David Spero appears on the stage with the words of innonsence on his lips! I have to say , that when I joined the first live webcast everything was present, tears, shakti, heat and cool breeze , expansion in awareness far far beyond the physical body even beyond the earth.
Next weeks thereafter I could hardly wait from week to week for the next webcast but gradually I started to become keenly more aware of this anticipation as a restlessness within me, but as a miracle a pecuilar thing started happening , at first mostly during live webcasts:every time i closed my eyes my bodily self image changed into his bodily image, like a process of mergence was being initiated and a new sense of deepening in Feeling, peace, bliss..joy extasy, but i also had few days of emptyness, like being in a void, feelings of fear and sorrow lingering unreasonably within me.It came and it passed away.

It started to happen during my private meditation practice that David was present as being my body ,it also started to happen during daily busy hours that at some point my mind would relax a little, and Davids image would suddenly pop up within my mind as a reminder of BEING from within conciousness itself. It is as BEING itself is projecting into the mind the outer image of the Master as a saturating process of the intellect,dissolving it into the ocean of the heart. In that ocean there is no thinking involved, only fullness of BEING, wastness of light,bliss, formlessness but it seems to me that during the ascendence to the cognitive mind the recollection of this non-ego-will-based diving into the heart becomes an registered experience within mind.

By paul 8 years 7 months ago

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2009 was an amazing year of Divine Light, Bliss and Love. Doing the math, in 2009 alone I (and many others) were able to sit with David and receive his Divine Shiva / Shakti Transmission over 150 times! Even if you didn't have the luxury of living close to David, there were over 90 events you could attend online from any location on Earth (as long as you have a decently fast internet connection)!

I wonder if such grace has ever befallen any other group of seekers in the history of this planet? Keep in mind that David offered 50 of those events absolutely free (for us not for him). The rest were offered for a small donation to help cover the costs of all his online events.

Of the 6 or so billion people on this planet, how many people even know this kind of Divine Transmission is possible? And how many of those who know Divine Transmission is possible have access to that Transmission on a regular basis (or ever)?

Yes. If you are reading this post you fall into a very select group of privileged people. You are not privileged because your parents have wealth and influence, although they might. You are not privileged because you are smarter then most, although you probably are. You are privileged because you find value in who David is and what David does.

In 2010 let us all recognize our great good fortune and strive, by all means available to us, to expand our special and privileged group to include all who would respond to David as we have - with love and gratitude.