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By paul 8 years 2 months ago

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Saturday's Stinson Beach intensive with David was a magical mystery tour. Intensives are great because you get much more time go deeper into the formal meditations and get to soak up all David's Spiritual transmission to complete saturation.

We had two formal meditations that lasted an hour each. For me the first mediation was characterized by a powerful Shakti current throughout my head and upper body that effectively nullified most thoughts in my mind and was very blissful. The second meditation felt like the first one but deeper and I don't remember much of it. It was as I just dropped off the edge at one point.

As always, David answered various questions and talked and entertained us all. Talking is always fun but there were many quiet moments of just Divine Darshan where David was just looking at us and we were looking at him. It was like we were having a mutual Darshan experience of each other, full of love and beauty. We were just soaking David and his Spiritual Transmission up. David looked so radiant and full of energy like he was bursting at the seems with the Fullness of Emptiness. I was transfixed looking at David and the effervescent light that surrounded him and filled the room. I felt we were all sitting at the center of the Universe, suspended by Consciousness that expanded outward in all directions into infinity.

What can I say. There is nothing better then this.


By michael ortega 8 years 2 months ago

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Yesterday's Intensive in Stinson Beach took place in a beautiful area on a blazingly clear day. It was to be an explosive Teaching of tempering fire that burned away illusion-- as David burnished the sword of Enlightened discrimination. Everything about the day and the time with David screamed Freedom Beyond all points of view-- as well as included all points of view. David spontaneously burst forth with declarations about the Real and Unreal. He began by referring to Sri Ramana Maharshi's declaration's of being beyond the body, or "I" am not the body, and spoke about how so many people have misunderstood this teaching, or merely understood it conceptually. David then explored Ramana's notion's of Reality, the Self and deep sleep, and He innovated, or riffed off of Ramana's references to deep sleep to explain that from the perspective of relative points of view, we are all in deep sleep, and quite literally blind to the Multi-Perspectival, All-Inclusive Absolute that is the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer in each instant of the perceived flow of time. David spoke contrarian to Ramana's Advaitic declaration about the world and body being unreal and discussed many of the myriad ways that the world is indeed Real and how it depends upon ones point of view. While one mistakes a rope for a snake, one can just as easily mistake a snake for a rope!
Someone brought up the black plague and pondered about how from one point of view this was an horrific event, and yet from another it began a new cycle of life and innovation ( the specifics of which, now escape me). We discussed how, or where and what caused that plague, and whether or not that was, "bad", or "evil" and mused upon whether there was a "good" or "evil" in nature's working's. Were the fleas that lived on the rats that brought the plague bad? From the perspective of nature there is no 'good,' or 'evil,' it is all a process. David also spoke about how a 'good' person doesn't know that they are "good." In such a case, there is no resident ego that thinks from a limited point of view in a relative sense, but rather a flux of undulant Being that is ever created, preserved and destroyed.
All the while this teaching was manifesting, David's Radiant Shakti burned through our small selves and burned us in the Radiant Transcendental Sun of Inconceivable Consciousness, Divine Mystery and Fully-Saturating-Bliss. It was such a profound and potent subtle teaching, that will continue to reverberate in the well of Consciousness.

Thankful beyond words!

By ari.meyer 8 years 2 months ago

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Tonight David was Lord Surya -- it would simply be incorrect for me to call him anything else. The light became absolutely blinding, alternately star-like white hot, then going photo-negative, just radiating through my body. It also had a dissolving effect, lightening my being and thought forms. My third eye was buzzing and it felt like it was being bored into it. Layers of care and concern were being dissolved by the radiation emanated from David’s form. I feel 50 pounds lighter now! So much worry is just gone!

Perhaps even more amazing than the phenomena and shakti radiance was the alteration of my mental state. The thoughts arising from my mind, often mired in judgment and condemnation, were now happy and full of compassion -- how liberating!

How just a couple hours earlier I could have been seriously considering skipping the satsang in order to do my taxes is just mind-blowing! So I might lose some sleep tonight – so what? Who can think of sleep when you've got the sun sitting not 10 feet in front of you! How blessed are we to have this, and maybe only a dozen people in the room!!! Could there be a world more upside-down in its values than ours? How unbelievably ridiculous! Screw the IRS! They’ll get my money eventually. Enlightenment first, dammit!

Jai David!!! :-)

By paul 8 years 2 months ago

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Over and over again I am amazed at my (and other friends) interaction with David's Divine Siddhi. Every time I spend time with David He demonstrates that He is not separate from us in consciousness. During the last Wednesday webcast, for example, I was preparing a chat question about the expression of anger when all of a sudden David, being annoyed at something Orley had done, expressed anger towards Orely for us all to see. Some of you reading this were probably online and will remember that scenario. I just smiled and deleted my question since David had answered it before I could complete it.

Some of you might just think I'm being silly and that was just a coincidence, but I tell you, there is no coincidence around David's Divine Siddhi. These things happen constantly around him because I see it over and over in my own life as well as in the confessions of other friends that attend David's events. I can not count how many times David gives a talk at a gathering and someone expresses their heartfelt thanks for David addressing exactly what weighing on their mind, or answering a question they deeply needed answering (with without having to ask outwardly).

I'll never lose my sense of awe and wonder at the expression of this Grace. On the contrary I feel as if I'm living in a magical realm of communion with the Divine that is just becoming more and more transparent. What a joy.

I would like to encourage others to comment on this blog post about the examples where David demonstrated to you the same kind of grace. I love hearing stories about this aspect of our relationship with David. I will also update this blog post with other fresh examples as they happen.


By davidspero 8 years 2 months ago

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Hi Everyone,

I thought you might enjoy the written transcription of this video.
To see the original video, go into the Videos section on this website and search for it there.

Namaste, David

Enlightenment is not for the “me”

There is nothing personal in Enlightenment. Enlightenment, we can say, is a vast Emptiness, an Impersonal Backdrop that certainly does not destroy the functioning of the personality or ego-structure, or feelings, or bodily functioning; but it is prior to all of that.

The body-mind might get an intimation that Enlightenment has in fact occurred, which is that the subtlest level of the mind has somehow become enlightened about the nature of the presence/non-presence of this Field; that it somehow agrees that It exists. Not agrees in the sense that it believes, or has faith in, the fact that It exists, but that it is utterly reconciled and aligned toward that Field. I don't say in, because nothing enters into It.

It's important to note that the structure -- and this bears repeating -- of the personality remains intact. Everything continues as it was. Nothing changes in the relative. Many of the likes and dislikes that were present before awakening are still present afterwards, unless there was some recognition of some kind of negativity in one's habit-patterns, in which case there might be a quick adjustment, a quick and spontaneous adjustment in behavior.

Phenomena like calmness, peace, even the feeling of no-duality, are all outside of the Enlightened-Field. The personality, the ego-structure, might think it knows only because it feels the wave-like undulations, the pulsations, the quietness and energy and love that happen near that Emptiness. But that Emptiness exists nowhere near the human personality. It's good to understand this completely, because it teaches you to not attach to any form of experience that arises in you. It might be perceived as a letdown. You might feel deflated as the result of knowing this kind of thing, because if it's not for the "me," and it doesn't come to bear on relative existence, then what is this and what's the point of it.

There’s a passionate movement toward the Truth in someone who desires to have It revealed to him; that movement is created by Life Itself. There’s no selfish motive in it. So the notion that Enlightenment can work for you, or you can extract something out of it are foreign to the very process of true awakening. They just don't exist in that spectrum. Of course, it might be inevitable that the ego-mind thinks and can't help but think that there’s something there for it -- and that kind of deluded selfishness is what, in fact, occurs alongside the genuine and spontaneous awakening process that's motivated by Nature. The separate “me” will continue to interpret everything in a strange fashion, only because that's the field in which it has comprehension -- in the field of the “me” versus the object, in duality. So it sees everything as a reflection of what it wants or doesn't want.

But real Enlightenment is something that we don't ever really know except through the feeling of Fulfillment that comes from Its own Realization. It's a Fulfillment that can't be described or experienced any other way, you can't miss It for something else. So it produces Its own unique fulfillment.

And even the human personality has an intuition about this. It senses “the Other”; it senses where it begins and ends. It knows where birth-and-death exist and therefore, by default, it knows what That is. But it never knows what That is, positively. It never positively affirms that Impersonal Consciousness. It's only by virtue of what It is not that you know that It is there and has been Realized. It's what the “me” can't know about it that Enlightens the “me” as to Its Presence.

It's good to hear this kind of information, because it helps the ego-mind to have a hands-off approach when it comes to realizing the Impersonal. Hands off! Just to hear that knowledge will instruct the relative personality: "Oh, yes...," And so, in that way you're guided subtly to a correct approach, a correct posture, in relationship to your own spontaneously occurring sadhana.