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By janny 4 years 1 week ago

I had an extraordinarily beautiful dream the other day, and felt I must write to David to tell him about it and the background behind it. He said it was a powerful darshan and asked me to consider posting it here, so here it is. I live in Australia and cannot come to the US to sit with David in person, so perhaps it may be helpful to others in the same situation.

In the dream I was meeting David for the first time in person. He was sitting in a chair in an almost empty function room in a hotel or something. He had just given a devotee a hug and then indicated to me that I could have one too. He lifted his hand up to invite me in. I was quite overcome and said: Let me compose myself first. I gathered myself together into the moment and leaned forward and we embraced. It was a very light, gentle embrace and I felt immediately immersed in his field. At first my heart got very erratic. It beat hard and convulsively. Then it calmed down as he held steady. It seemed there was no time limit on this hug. This was very comforting. It seemed there was only one heart now and my whole chest, back and front, was enfolded into this one heart. I felt safe and calm. He wasn’t giving me any indication that he would let go. I settled into this calm, safe heart-haven and then woke up. It was the best wake-up I've ever had. Right now I feel that heart-hug hasn’t ended. Whenever I stop to think about it my whole chest area feels warm and full and like it’s gently, snugly enfolded into the one Heart.

I guess this dream was prompted by the fact that, in an earlier email I’d written to David (which I didn’t send), I’d mentioned how I felt my relationship with him was missing a dimension since I cannot meet him in person, and that since I cannot come to the US I was feeling this as a possible disadvantage and a possible obstacle on this journey with him, and I didn’t know what to do about it. Perhaps the dream was telling me that it’s not a problem that I can’t go to the US; that the missing dimension has been added.

Another thing about this. I recall David saying in a webcast something to the effect that help can be given if we believe in that possibility. Well, the previous day I had been asking for help as I’ve been feeling extremely low physically and psychologically. I put a lot of feeling into that plea. Also, later that same day, I had been listening to an excerpt from a HeartMath talk about how the rhythm of the human heart is connected to the earth’s geomagnetic field and that individually and collectively we interact with the earth’s field. This seems to reinforce the perception that my dream was about the larger field pulling my erratic little heart, via David's form, into resonance with it - into its cosmic embrace. I guess you could say I asked for help, and it came. I feel something has shifted.

By BHAKTI8 4 years 3 weeks ago

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I have come to realize that in the end (although somehow I don't think end is the right word) it is love that matters most. A strange type of devotion and surrender to everything....for everything is this/me. Not some samadhi or temporary experience, not to some teaching or teacher. But love. Not a concept of what you think love is but a full embrace and immersion. I am deepening in this immersion...or at least it feels that way.. A strange type of deep humility too. I think the humility comes because of the nakedness of reality. The embrace is with everything that is as it is....the world....me. This world that I used to be so aloof from and used to think myself above and beyond , is now the mud I roll in and play in. Each encounter is “this/me”...my brain, my thoughts, my breath, my taxes, the oil in my car, my neighbor who smokes about 2 packs of cigarettes daily, the smoke from her cigarettes that some how makes its way over to my house in through my window and drives me crazy, Monsanto and all their horrible seeds, the sunlit air, the soft winds, the noisy cars on the freeway, the gentle deer at the park,my heart beating and blood pumping. All me everywhere.....every sound, movement and flicker of light. Recently a friend called who has a fear of death. I sat talking with him as we embraced death together head on. In the end I asked him, “Where are you going to go?” There is no room to go anywhere but here. There is no other space. You are held here very tightly....it is all so funny when you think about it. Apparently this comforted him and made him realize on the flip side he actually wanted to die and escape....a desire to not want to be here on the planet. This one many of us struggle with due to the insanity and suffering on our planet. David has massively altered my world, turned it upside down and all around. A radical eye opening heart awakening to the “here”. Strangely there is no escape but here.

Pic of Blue Heron at Dead Horse Ranch Park

By shakteem 4 years 1 month ago

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After last night's meditation, I was moved to post a song I've been working on entitled, 'Ocean.' It's imperfect and just a demo recording, but I think of David when I work on the song and listen to it.


By Kamala Devi 4 years 1 month ago

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David, I saw you as the Sun
Self-luminous, brilliant and beautiful
The rays of power that project from your eyes, words and gestures,
I feel them penetrating my heart
Like fire
Like honey
Like magnetic velvet
Touching more deeply than anything from any world.
David, if you are the sun I only want to be the moon
David, because of your transmission my heart is becoming a sun
Full and expansive, a burning intensity

Because of your transmission my mind is becoming a moon
Full, with a gentle radiance which allows the seeing of that which was previously hidden
“Just as the bee drinking the honey (alone) does not care for its odor, so the chitta which is always absorbed in Nada [i.e.: David’s transmission] does not long for sensual objects, as it is bound by the sweet smell [i.e.: feeling] of Nada and has abandoned its flitting nature."

Nada Bindu Upanishad, 42-43a

By Stephen 4 years 2 months ago

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In days of war he had seen the betrayal of the sons by the fathers,
seen the ravages of nationalism and its unfortunate patriotism.
He had run the full gamut of greed for women and gold,
seen his impoverishment in the field of human relationship.
In time he realized the folly of creating images of himself and others,
seen these delusions are the fountain of conflict.
In meditation he was attentive to the heart awaiting Mother's Grace,
seen sometimes silent heart open pure feeling peace and bliss.
But now the serpent power churned and biting in a lower realm,
seems to need an answer to an all absorbing question.

“What about the unforgivable?” said heavy with resentment and culpability,
for personal tragedy and the unforgivable by the body of humanity.
Then the flash of insight gracefully given light not reason or faith emotion,
as soldier in distress yearned raising Power with arrested breath.
And so to his Heart that Divine Energy that also birthed the unforgivable,
infilling Love as forgiveness not his but given exploding to the world.
Operation of Compassion always timeless elevating our human condition,
transforming everything to clarified registers of Being.
And so the paradox of pain and bliss a fallen warrior knowing beyond knowing,
the mystic meaning of Christ as always dying for our “sin”.