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By dfennimore 3 years 8 months ago

Why bother writing and speaking when it comes to reality itself, regardless of its context or reference points-points of view / experience?
The point of view that points to reality itself is a limit on that reality, so what is its value? Why express it?
Can one point of view truely "know" any other point of view?
What is transmission? Is it the amplification of a point of view / experience?
Is the self evident absolute consciousness - the space that is no place - no center or circumference - not full not empty -----------where nothing has ever happened---ever---------------------------------------no time - no place --no one ------yet full of energy / feeling
Or is that it?
Why even say anything -- or wrte anything?

What is truth? What is real? Who is the authority on what is truth and what is real? Only what is true and what is real is the authority.

I am absolutly certain that there is only Pure Being / Pure energy / Pure Feeling,
"The infinity of Inclusivity" -- Where nothing has ever happened -----ever---yet there is Pure Energy / Feeling
I have been that for real! I "know" this to be true! - no thought- no question- no doubt - no other -
So what?
Who cares?
Why bother to speak of it?
I still eat and get eaten- Who cares? I can tell you for certain that its not Pure Being!
Why bother?

--------------------Douglas Fennimore 5-27-15 Santa Rosa, ca.

By Susanne West 3 years 9 months ago

I have reconnected with David in recent months and want to express my deep gratitude. In this moment I am particularly grateful (and in awe, as well) for some 'miracles' that have been showing up in my daily life in response to asking David for his blessings related to some difficult circumstances involving my mother, who is very ill.

It wasn't easy to ask for 'relative realm' blessings from David, but I had done that once before in another very trying time and was amazed at a resolution that unfolded very quickly. I tentatively asked again, and a series of very beneficial synchronicities occurred that felt divinely guided. The tight knot of that situation has dissolved.

Deep bows to David. He has and is a true gift.

Susanne West

By Joe in Oakland 3 years 9 months ago

Dear David,

Seems like your lila has struck yet again.

On Friday, my main computer at home suddenly went blank and kept restarting itself over and over. I spent the next couple of days on my mobile devices, searching for solutions and growing more frustrated as nothing made a difference. I even paid a specialist for advice, but none of that worked out either. On Tuesday, I made an appointment at the Apple Store to get my computer diagnosed this coming Monday. The guy at the Apple Store looked dismayed when I told him that I hadn't made a backup copy of my data, and he said that I could end up losing all of it.

By the time I logged on to your webcast this Wednesday morning, I was feeling mentally stressed and a bit ill physically. In the middle of the webcast, I got out of my seat and lay down in bed. My iPad was propped up next to my head with the webcast still running, and I made a little effort to keep meditating with you. I could feel some peace and sweetness seeping into my head.

Soon after the webcast, I took a nap and had a dream where you were showing me some electric cords and saying something about how they need to be properly connected. At one point, I felt as if you had decided that further explanation was unnecessary, and the dream ended abruptly.

Later that afternoon, I was puzzling over how to make a backup copy of my data in preparation for the Apple Store appointment. The guy at the Apple Store had already told me that I would not be able to make a backup if I couldn't even start up the computer sufficiently. I then considered your advice from the dream, and decided to give it a shot - even though you hadn't been very specific about what to do. I just looked at the power plugs for my computer, router, modem, and other peripheral devices; and I pulled them out and plugged them back in one at a time. I really didn't see how any of this would help, since nothing I had read online indicated that the wi-fi or other peripherals were related to my problem.

When I pressed the power button on my computer, the screen ended up going white like before, and I thought, "Oh no. It's gonna go through the same dysfunctional restart cycle again. Maybe the dream with David was only a dream." But after a minute or two, I noticed that the computer didn't restart itself again. The screen turned mostly black with a faint light in the background. I thought, "Wow, that's not much, but it's the closest thing to a breakthrough I've had since Friday."

And then it broke through even more. The computer desktop appeared, and everything started functioning normally. I was so shocked and relieved, I started dancing around the room saying at random, "Thank you David! Jai David! Woo!" My wife seemed happy too, although she told me to calm down because I was probably annoying the neighbors on the floor below us.

Anyway, I backed up the data as soon as I could (and canceled the Apple Store appointment). I feel as if, the more time I spend with you, the more I will be filled with stories worth telling. So I feel that you are making me wealthy in that sense. I like to think that my computer will die in the not-so-distant future, but that the stories of my experiences with you will live longer and continue to facilitate spontaneous meditative devotional moods for me, and perhaps even pass a bit of their feeling to others as well.

Thank you, for all the ways you touch me.


By Stephen 3 years 9 months ago

Stephen's picture

Very touched yesterday by David's frank and true words that, for me, meant that we open ourselves to crystalizing our spiritual experiences when we give recognition to wherefrom they emerge. I have not done that for some time now though much has unfolded maintaining a "consciousness connection" with David. So also gratitude unexpressed may not be gratitude at all. I do place my head at the feet of our Master David when grace enables a sudden capacity to do so. The Vibrant Energy I see right this moment out my window animating the wind through the trees and transmitting through all things out and within is blissfully Absolute. Yet sweeter still is the devotional fragrance of feeling that all comes through the personal relationship to the avatar. Now already, even as I write, I start to co-opt this experience and it fades — so quickly I grasp for some permanent fragment: thank you David!

By jasalerno 3 years 10 months ago

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I listened to David's webcast tonight and wanted to share my thoughts about courage. Someone asked on the webcast if courage is needed for realization. David said something to the effect that it brought up to him courage that is associated with the military and the wrong use of power. That is certainly one way of thinking about the word courage. In that context, courage would not be necessary for realization as David pointed out.

I was thinking of courage in another way. For some people, it may take a kind of spiritual courage to surrender to what is. If that person has no knowledge, no teacher, he might have a kind of fear of what could happen if he starts a spiritual path. Maybe his situation is so unbearable, that to just relax and be innocent brings up fears that he has suppressed through keeping so busy because he hasn't had the courage to face the fears. To just be innocent and be with what is can bring up stress that needs to be released and it could take courage to just sit with, for example fear, without following the desire to engage in some activity instead of being with the fear.

I went through a long period in my spiritual walk where very strong emotions would come up during meditation, or even during quiet times during the day. I had the courage to go through this for many years because I had a teacher at that time who explained that this could happen and not be concerned about it. I wanted to bring this up in case there is someone reading this who is going through a period where they are having a lot of ruffness, release is happening. It's ok. Be courageous and go through it. Don't give up, even if it takes years.

I want to mention, with David, receiving his transmission has a soothing effect on me and I don't experience ruffness in his presence. That period where I was releasing a lot of emotional pain was pretty much over before I met David. However, it is possible that regularly listening to David's webcasts could help smooth out any ruffness that you may be experiencing.