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By Amina 2 years 12 months ago

I love you.

By Imayami 3 years 1 month ago

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Leaning into the Avatar -
Eagerly surrendered I lean
into the Avatar
like I child crawling into the arms of a mother.
As I live, I am living in the Avatar - walking down the road - leading to the Avatar
Come lean with me... live... and be lead

The hands of the Avatar grabs me, and I grab onto you: Come with me!
The Avatarship is a ship of light, love and energy - pointing it's bows everywhere as Self
The seven seas they all are Mother; the Mother Sea
Lost! like a drop - Found like the togetherness
of many drops coming together - in an ocean without drops

Dear little drop: come with me!
Come! - let's loose ourselves
let's get lost - in the Mother Sea

In the Sea, Love found me
Now I live as a lonely drop - dripping everywhere
- with a taste of the salty Mother Sea
with the Love of "no drop"

Bound in Relationship
- bound to forever being lost and found
Is this really Love?
this life, this living?
"Yes my Dear"
the Sea whispered, in my scallop shell ear
Love is: you eternally asking why?
and me answering: your fulfillment is
that you are lost - so that you can forever be found in the Mother Me

Leaning into the Avatar,
I feel the warmth, the shining explosion of Bhakti-Shakti-Light
From all sides the Avatar comes
to be here
with you and me
whereever the here is
here is always here
there is never a there
cause it will be a here when it comes
Avatar - concurring all, eating the world
cause there were never a world in the first place
it was all the play in the Avatar's hair
of the dancing shakti winds

I Love you! - Come! - Let's be Together
Leaning into the Avatar's Self

By dfennimore 3 years 1 month ago

Realization without love has made me dramatically more aware of my suffering - not liberated from my suffering - I recognize that all that matters about my being human is love - nothing else matters

I am free amidst a society that can not tolerate the freedom of simply being - I am mearly an object that is obligated to give them something or to take something from them - but I am not free from 'eating' and being 'eaten' by others - Even if I'm not hungry, I am pressure to 'eat'

The words comprising the conundrum that is the English language are not deigned to speak on these matters - they are basically utilitarian - like "this thing here" and "that thing there"-

Realization without love has made me dramatically more aware of my suffering - not liberated from my suffering - I recognize that all that matters about my being human is love - nothing else matters

David's transmission intensifies my ability to rest in freedom - which also intensifies my appearing to be sequestered in a dream of my own
But then again -these are just words......

-------Douglas Fennimore

By dfennimore 3 years 1 month ago

Why bother writing and speaking when it comes to reality itself, regardless of its context or reference points-points of view / experience?
The point of view that points to reality itself is a limit on that reality, so what is its value? Why express it?
Can one point of view truely "know" any other point of view?
What is transmission? Is it the amplification of a point of view / experience?
Is the self evident absolute consciousness - the space that is no place - no center or circumference - not full not empty -----------where nothing has ever happened---ever---------------------------------------no time - no place --no one ------yet full of energy / feeling
Or is that it?
Why even say anything -- or wrte anything?

What is truth? What is real? Who is the authority on what is truth and what is real? Only what is true and what is real is the authority.

I am absolutly certain that there is only Pure Being / Pure energy / Pure Feeling,
"The infinity of Inclusivity" -- Where nothing has ever happened -----ever---yet there is Pure Energy / Feeling
I have been that for real! I "know" this to be true! - no thought- no question- no doubt - no other -
So what?
Who cares?
Why bother to speak of it?
I still eat and get eaten- Who cares? I can tell you for certain that its not Pure Being!
Why bother?

--------------------Douglas Fennimore 5-27-15 Santa Rosa, ca.

By Susanne West 3 years 2 months ago

I have reconnected with David in recent months and want to express my deep gratitude. In this moment I am particularly grateful (and in awe, as well) for some 'miracles' that have been showing up in my daily life in response to asking David for his blessings related to some difficult circumstances involving my mother, who is very ill.

It wasn't easy to ask for 'relative realm' blessings from David, but I had done that once before in another very trying time and was amazed at a resolution that unfolded very quickly. I tentatively asked again, and a series of very beneficial synchronicities occurred that felt divinely guided. The tight knot of that situation has dissolved.

Deep bows to David. He has and is a true gift.

Susanne West