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By Abha 2 years 8 months ago

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June 15,2015 Webcast: My solar plexus and heart felt ecstatic vibrations which flowered into feelings of joy and delight. Jai David!

By shakteem 2 years 8 months ago

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Tonight's internet meditation with David was heartening, light, uplifting, relaxing, peaceful, and full of beautiful silence and love. I noticed and felt the debris of daily concerns and worries dissipate from my field of immediate awareness, as I recognized and surrendered to the effortless, divine consciousness I feel and experience with David.

As always, much gratitude and love,

By LLRogers 2 years 8 months ago

Tonight's darshan was deeply soothing to my body and mind, with glimpses of pure openness. Thank you, David. Thank you, Orley.

By paul 2 years 8 months ago

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Earlier tonight, I was rushing to get to David's June 3rd, Public Program in Berkeley. There was heavy rush hour traffic going into Berkeley and I was running late. It was my first time going to the Dondrub Ling venue and after finding a nearby parking spot (according to my GPS) I got out the car to look for the building. As I walked down the block and turned the corner, my GPS indicated I had arrived! Looking around, it was not quite obvious to me where David's Program was going on. I vacillated a bit, looking to and fro for an indication of where it might be. In that moment, a family was walking by me; mom, dad and a boy about 6 or 7. The little boy suddenly and excitedly blurted out, "There is the Path" (He might have said, "There is a Path", not sure). That is when I noticed David's color poster posted on the wall of one of the buildings next to an ally way. I chuckled and thought to myself, "That little boy was feeling something special, some part of him knew where that path led and he wanted to check it out."

I went "down the path," entered the building and found David sitting, giving Darshan to a room full of people. Soon after arriving, David's asked if anyone had any questions. I related the story of the little boy to him and he seemed thoughtful and pleased. He mentioned the often invisible nature of how he meets people and how that invisible meeting with that little boy would change his life. I don't remember the exact words David said, but that was the feeling of what he conveyed. It was quite beautiful. Here I should mention, I experience synchronicity in my life in relation to David all the time. Around David, the extraordinary become the default experience. This is not surprising news to anyone who has been fortunate to have a direct relationship with David for any length of time.

The night's Event was bliss-filled and saturated with Love, tangible to all present. My deepest gratitude to David his unending Gifts of Grace.


By gabriel5779 2 years 10 months ago

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When I cannot see the Divine I look to you for in you I can always see the Divine. I Love you David thank you for being the doorway to the Absolute :) Namaste.