The Essence of the Real - Part 8 May 7, 2002

David: Right your question was, does this feeling of Emptiness, does the ability to retain discernment disappear in the state of Devotion -- that was one of the good questions that you had asked -- and also whether you lose Pure Awareness.

Participant 4: That’s correct.

David: And then I said: when you put Devotion together with Pure Consciousness Awakening you get a qualitatively Different State that arises, totally different than those two next to each other.

Participant 4: Correct or added together

David: Which means that they have become something greater, both of them; it sounds so simple what we’re saying but it’s not….I mean, it is.

Participant 4: Yes, I am operating from a dualistic system.

David: That’s OK, that’s all we have to go on. As soon as we open our mouth we’re put in this dualistic state together, but you’ll see that the Energy never ceases. The Transmission of the Full Reality here will not stop it will not pause. It will just continue in its own way. We just sense each other here -- it’s so easy. We listen, we talk, we hear what isn’t being said. Sometimes we’ll feel ourselves just arising [as] Pure Consciousness.


truth.........and the presents of divine awarness is addicitve.......

By gilles (not verified)

When one who is the Truth speaks the Truth, the power of those words to restructure our intuitions is profound. We hear our own Inner Reality speaking and calling us irresistibly. How after all, could we resist ourselves?

By TF (not verified)