Dissolving the Knower

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As one is becoming Enlightened, there is someone who is enjoying that process. One is becoming: expanded, intoxicated, exhilarated. One is also being thrust into the unknown, beyond knowledge and experience. As one is immersed continuously and over time, then the one who is enjoying that process, dissolves.

So that's what I mean when I say: that it's only in the process of awakening that there is an enjoyer, or a subject, to that process, because the nature of Awakening, the actuality of it, its nature is to dissolve – everything -- even the Knower of it.

So, are you're becoming Enlightened, you may get the feeling like you're becoming Enlightened. You may have this feeling that things are getting better and expanding, that you are different, that your subjectivity is deepening and widening in Being -- that you are being actually transformed into Being. That would be the correct understanding and expression of it - that you are being transformed into Being. The mind is being gradually led into A Place where it is miraculously transfigured into Light.

There are many different understandings of Enlightenment. Some of them would disagree vehemently with what I'm saying. But then there are others that would disagree vehemently with their understanding. So, it's not so much that it's anyone's call, but one has to simply speak from one’s experience; not worry about the “spiritual critics,” who are usually the least enlightened ones.