Being In Bliss Together

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... We're not used to that.

We're used to being told, God is somewhere else, that Ultimate Energy is somewhere else. It's in heaven or It's in.... I don't know where "heaven" would be. When you look up all you see are more planets and.... I don't know why they look up when they talk about God. All there is - is just a different atmosphere up there, that's all.

We can see out of the same Seer. We can look out of the same Looker. You and me can have such an intimate, exquisite sense of each other here.

Even though there are all these bodies in the room, they’re not real - just between you and me. It's a secret; just between me and each one of you. There aren't a lot of bodies in this room.

There's just a very precious, exquisite, even a pleasurable sensation of being in Bliss with you and sharing a kind of Bliss that doesn't happen from one person to a group.

It only happens from one Awakened Heart to another Awakened Heart - something that's Self-evidently experienced. It's Self-evident. No one can convince you of it, no one needs to establish that you've seen it. It's something that just between you and Me or you and You -whatever language you like to use; because either one is okay; since I consider myself non-existent.