Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • Only a really big fire can destroy all the lies born from worldly and spiritual experience.
  • The separate subject is integral to the process of realization.
  • 'What is' contains both liberation and bondage. It holds them both.
  • Transcendent Being adopts and molds itself into its Divine Consort: the Kundalini-Shakti Current.
  • Let us be gracious and appreciative of this delight, this exquisite moment, precious and unfathomable.
  • Let's enjoy Ecstatic Communion with the Living Reality.
  • My Spiritual Transmission is a simultaneity, an absolute happening.
  • The "I" is everything, everyone, every being.
  • To be fully awakened is to be more than Self-Realized.
  • There’s no way out except for Love and Grace.