Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • How can you realize That which makes any form of realizing possible?
  • Only a really big fire can destroy all the lies born from worldly and spiritual experience.
  • You perfect a kind of homogenization of your experience and your understanding by naturally giving yourself into it.
  • Love and devotion express that inherent oneness with the Divine.
  • Don't be attached to your own awakening. Let it go.
  • It‘s very simple, once you begin to grasp that your freedom is just beyond the edge of your mind.
  • The bond with the Master is a bridge to everything.
  • 'What is' contains both liberation and bondage. It holds them both.
  • You can't turn authenticity into a practice.
  • “I don’t know” is perfection. “I know” is disaster.