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Prem Daas's Story

How Did You Meet David?: 

I used to live in San Francisco and saw David's photo from time to time. I always felt a certain connection with him, but for some reason unknown, never physically sought him out. Now, living in DC, I have found him. I have found home. Last Tuesday night, the 10th of February, excited about Abraham Lincoln's upcoming 200th birthday, I recommited myself to Liberation and Freedom of the Highest Form. Ironically, to the Formless and Nameless. I was hungry for God. I went to www.satsangteachers.com and saw that at that very moment, David was offering an online satsang. I quickly registered with the site and was present. In the first few initial moments, I admit, I saw a few judgments (or rather, comparisons with other teachers) cross my mind. But very quickly the mind subsided into the heart and energy began rushing through my being. I also began to experience a profound sense of sweetness and love coarsing through my veins. I felt this adoration for David welling up within me. I was in love with his face and his form. I felt so open to him and to the Truth he expoused. It was palpable. Again, tonight, my body went into some sort of state of samadhi, as stillness overtook me, and a great light filled my body and my room. It was delicious! Thank you David for coming into my life! God bless you and the unique and priceless service you are rendering to the world!

Love and Light,

Prem Daas

How has meeting David, attending his events or coming into contact with his teachings, impacted your life?: 

I have been meditating for 19 years now. My favorite book is Nisargadatta's I AM THAT. Intellectually, I know that I am pure being, pure awareness, and pure love. However, the total dissolution of my ego has not yet occured. I feel that already, after only 2 internet satsangs, that David is going to help this melting to occur! I am very excited about this! Tonight, I giggled and felt so happy as he said to me, "Go away now." He mentioned more, but that was all I heard. I think he said to stop noticing the process, to stop looking at the mind and just allow the disappearance to happen. Thank you David! God bless you!

Love and Light,

Prem Daas

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