Self-Realization and Awakening

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There can be great explosions of perceptual unity in this Upanishadic Unity Consciousness, where the Self -- the One Self -- is everything [and] that everything is arising out of this One Being.

Amazing displays of Light and Energy can occur. Mystical experiences can occur. Visualized Oneness can be appreciated.
And so one lives in that state, just as one lived in the simple state of Self-Realization.

One experiences all those raptures that are characteristic of that state and then they fade. And then there’s a subtle, lingering sense of being one with everything and that fades.

See, anything that you can experience is not real awakening.

Real awakening is a Mysterious Place of Unknowingness that is the very Heart Itself. It never becomes objectified in any experience.

At the same time, the field of experience does go through a series of transformations to the Self, in the field of perception and knowledge, which indicate that a process is, or has been, going on; that indicates total Enlightenment.