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The Love of Shiva-Shakti


In Satsang with the Master a deep dynamic and radical transformation occurs. This is the evolution of a humanity capable of Love. This is what the mastery manifest in David Spero offers. At the present time, I am processing something I heard from David's recent talks, again my subjective imaginations about what he says. It has to do with the incapacity for Love caused by being the accumulated idea of oneself.

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An Answer for Lenin's Question “What are we to do?”


This is the second blog entry on my ten days in Sedona with David and a number of others in his immediate circle, as well as a few people new to the experience of the transmission of spiritual power generated in the master's company. I hope you read my previous entry since this one is in fact continuation of that song. What I write is seemingly not personal and rather philosophical - but its not speculative in nature, rather it reflects a direct experience from satsang. When written about later, that process is often punctuated by strong physical and emotional energies.

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At the Feet of the Master


Obvious but oft ignored, the simple truth, something does not emerge from nothing. So what evolves is foremost what is involved. And time is insinuated but actually unnecessary. One is reminded of the ancient image of oil flowing unbroken from one vessel into another, never fragmented, from the alone to the alone. Such is the meditation existing now as the clock on the wall has moved some twenty-four hours and I contemplate the holy company that took place with David the first weekend I was in Sedona.

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Purposeless Existence as the Dance of Kali


There was a strong sense of group consciousness at the intensive this last weekend. It feels good to get have gotten closer to a few people. It seems most all of us have been spiritual seekers for many years. David is very much like all of us in that he was also part of that surge of interest in Eastern meditation systems during the 70s and 80s, and had himself had relationships with some of the same systems and teachers. Eventually he entered into a long phase of intense personal practice which yielded who he is today.

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Chosen, Not Frozen


Ah, another lovely Wednesday night Satsang. What is this thing that happens there with David and our community? The word that keeps coming up for me is "enigma".  Never have I ever felt so confirmed and vindicated in my own intuition.  The transmission obliterates doubt.  There is no inside or outside in meditation - like the Klein bottle enigma:


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What Happened


My first Satsang weekend with David occurred and there were many moments of insight wherein everything stopped for me then filled in with ecstatic emotion. My clearest thought as the days went on is that David is a marvelous enigma to me and I fully embrace his advice not to conceptualize about it. But I like to break the rules ..

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My Blue Heaven


Maybe I could cry – or go smoke a cigarette or something;
dream a happy ending, cosmetic surgery perhaps.
“You have a blue nose you know”
“Why don't you say anything about it?”
“It doesn't mean we don't love you”

Have I mentioned the fragrance by which I am sustained ..
Oh well, you haven't the nose for it
It matters not really – you will know, probably already
Know about that twisted limb by which only you unfold
Ah, our own little god-sent chariot of suffering

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Kali Puja Reloaded


Going out to California for a weekend Satsang with David Spero in Larkspur. Its actually miraculous that people like David exist for us - or perhaps more acurate to say what operates in what is transmitted. I, this being, this subject, is not firmly established in what insight has manifested - but I wish to express something here to friends.

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Oh That!


Oh That, I know not yet known
What cast me out yet not another
Giving all else yet hidden still -
With others and our vain reflections
In vain until till neither I nor you

Oh That, for nothing may be done
For which I turned away the given
For the Nothing cold and dark
This frozen mantle, majestic snows
Dead peace, yet still the Seed abiding

Oh That, a burning ember blown
Life comes forth a blazing flame
Melts a heart, One without another
All else still yet Now in Light
Revealed in Beauty through tears

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Wednesday night I attended Satsang with David. In my practice I have been very skewed towards Jnana Yoga, so I was at first leery of the seemingly dualist aspect of his teaching. That evaporated quickly as I felt in the man's physicality and heard a profound uniqueness in what he is saying about Advaita – heard the ring of Truth.  It was not long before the writings and video content won my trust and confidence that his story, fantastic as it is, was certainly genuine.

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