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The Transmission of Enjoyment


It is the morning of November 16 in Havana. I'm still relishing the fading glow of the dream of David during the night. We were in repose, his graceful transmission giving reassurance of our union in Consciousness, his being with me here as he had told me would be so. I reflect on the growing clarity of that benediction while gazing out over the balcony at the ocean and the channel leading into the docks. Only about 500 meters away a huge cruise ship as high as my sixth floor balcony and two city blocks long is returning to the sea.

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Those who long for conscious union with reality


We just recently had our intensive with David, this time a long one of several days at the Mount Madonna retreat compound near Santa Cruz, California. It was an opportunity for an unusual amount of informal time with David as we had our meals together and took a daily hike in the beautiful forest. So one became saturated with a visceral Bliss in the immediacy of the on-going transmission of purifying and clarifying Shakti, the Divine Energy; once again fully falling in Love, with David, or to be more impersonal, with what is operating in his person.

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Of JK the teacher, the Un-Guru U.G and DS the Avatar


Before and since a recent intensive with David, I have contemplated the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, the refutation of JK by U.G. Krishnamurti and this rumination as it is clarified by the transmission of David Spero. I mean my phenomenological clarification of “being in the world”, to use the language of philosophy. I prefer to call what happens in his company “spiritual awakening”, allowing the language of spiritual apprehension inaccessible to the intellect, to thought.

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Always returning home to light!


After some months, I had the opportunity to visit David in California for his most recent intensive. Now is an opportunity to speak from personal experience going forward from that event, from my flickering lamp of meditative practice. Most continually in my thought is still: “I must be something better than what I am” - though less is the grip of that mental condition, that dilemma, than before. Enhanced is my understanding that my field of reality is taking place in thought, the reality of a process engaged in time.

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Seeing David Everywhere


This topic, is about a relationship that is a paradox, as there is but one without a second . . . is it from the poet Rumi where the lover knocks on the door: “Who is there?” asks the beloved, “It is me!” - but the door is not opened. Its a beautiful arousal to realize as the lover that the beloved is finding Her expression of Love, Her vehicle, through the lover who knocks and answers Her inquiry with “It is you!”. David is recognized then, detected, as the Divine Feminine.

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Satsang, the Avatar and the World


Recently returned from a kind of initiative activity in Cuba, which, unlike previous kinds of undertakings, was inclusive of a direct experience of relationship with the Avatar. About that is what is truly important to share with you. Such activity is driven by personal desire, even if to some extent rooted in a compassionate energy. Having David in my life and moving with that in confrontation with the world created an intensification of personal psychological pain; but then this is intimately related to the infilling of Bliss which is available in Satsang with David.

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Gratitude Unexpressed


Very touched yesterday by David's frank and true words that, for me, meant that we open ourselves to crystalizing our spiritual experiences when we give recognition to wherefrom they emerge. I have not done that for some time now though much has unfolded maintaining a "consciousness connection" with David. So also gratitude unexpressed may not be gratitude at all. I do place my head at the feet of our Master David when grace enables a sudden capacity to do so.

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The Old Soldier in Christmas


In days of war he had seen the betrayal of the sons by the fathers,
seen the ravages of nationalism and its unfortunate patriotism.
He had run the full gamut of greed for women and gold,
seen his impoverishment in the field of human relationship.
In time he realized the folly of creating images of himself and others,
seen these delusions are the fountain of conflict.
In meditation he was attentive to the heart awaiting Mother's Grace,
seen sometimes silent heart open pure feeling peace and bliss.

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Bedtime Stories for All God's Children


This about some inspiring stories from my summer following the intensive with David in Sedona in April. I feel gratitude for the personal meetings and ongoing relationship with David; for the intensification of experience of the Divine that has been growing and accelerating since we met. There is much more clarification from the Avatar continuing since I was a young devotee of Sri Ramakrishna, who lived in the 19th century, a personification of the Absolute, especially of the Divine Mother Kali Shakti.

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Who is she? Who is she?


We have just had a weekend intensive with David. My last instructions were "Write us!". I am filled with sweetness consumed from the Mother - so much refreshment of creative imagination. And yet this experience was conceived in the strict conditions of philosophical investigation, a strange womb one might wrongly think. The theme that emerged in David's teaching was completely informed by creative expression of the feminine divine.

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