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David at Unity


Wow I've lived in Sedona for 10 years appr. and I've been too Unity a lot throughout that time its honestly been more of a community thing for me than something i truly connect with. It's a beautiful space and i'm so happy David is gracing it.. It will be cool to experience it in a way that I've truly found a home in with you my friend, for I've been such a seeker for so long and with you and our community, I feel so blessed by the family that we have in your Name and the absolute that you reflect. Namaste everyone I've found community in all of you like never before. Thank you David!!!

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Spero is Hope


David you really are my hope invisibly always so near thank you for being hear for all of us...

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Your own personal David


Wow David this isn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last, i thought of you the other night when i was at bottom with recent challenges, and you came through with your light house of the impossible immensity. i can't help but think of that song your own personal jesus sometimes when i think of you thank you soo much my beloved friend , I love you :)

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Nothing short of Miraculous


The contrast is so great at times when i am in deep cycles of suffering and relief is found. When i sat with David today and the relief and grace and guidance i receive in that hour is nothing short of Miraculous thanks so much David..

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Thank you David very peaceful and comforting tonight been going through a lot lately. Thank you! Love and gratitude.

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I love you so much


I love you so much David, thank you for your limitless presence in my life...

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Wow thank you David, for a powerful night I've been going through it intensely lately one thing you said in one of your videos when you're really going through it , it's got you it's a time of great transformation came to mind or something along those lines tonight was very powerful my heart was pierced i felt a lot of shakti and i got my wings back :) Love you man :) Cant wait to see you Friday... Namaste :)

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Thank You


Thank You, David, for tonight's web cast your divine touch was well needed and graciously received. so much peace and ease of suffering tonight , Thank you for being with me. Namaste

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Wholeness Holiness


Tonight as always was a tapestry of holiness, energy, insurmountable presence, healing, and love.
*Thank you* David...

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You &The Divine


When I cannot see the Divine I look to you for in you I can always see the Divine. I Love you David thank you for being the doorway to the Absolute :) Namaste.

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