Satsang is Crucial


I just recently drove to Los Angeles to sit with David. It was the first time I have sat with him in person and been totally open and surrendered. The first time I met him, as I have mentioned previously, I was defensive and angry and distrustful. Now I understand better. I am sure that much more understanding lies ahead of me, but as of now, I understand enough to know how amazing and rare this gem is.

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The Fire Beyond Self Realization


The Fire Beyond Self Realization
- a transcribed and edited talk by David Spero (June 26, 2004)

If you feel that the only actually, and fundamentally, real thing in the human being is pure consciousness or the Absolute, then the topics of bhakti, of love, and parabhakti, supreme devotion, are moot topics. They're non-topics, or, in the very worst scenario, they are taboo.

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Rhythms of the Inner Shakti


Has anyone else noticed cyclical rhythms in their meditation?

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Enlightenment With Attitude


I first saw David Spero by chance at a bookstore in Santa Cruz, California a couple of years ago. I was walking past the store and saw a sign indicating that a teacher was giving a talk that night. I saw the flyer with David's face and took note that "Sahaj Samadhi" was mentioned in the description of the talk. I thought - Sahaj Samadhi? You don't here those words everyday! I thought it was pretentious for this man to claim that achievement! In I went and took a seat in the back, thinking I'd check out just how deluded this guy was. He didn't look like the Enlightened type to me.

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Ocean of Mercy


The following is a prayer that Shankaracharya offers his guru:

Namo Namaste gurave mahaatmane
Vimukta-sangaaya sad-uttamaaya
Nityaadvayaanada rasasvarupine
Bhuumne sadaapara-dayaambu dhaamne
(Vivekachudamani vs486)


Salutation to thee again and again, O noble Teacher
Who art devoid of attachment, best among the knowers of truth,

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Only deep silence can set free
The vastness of a burning heart.

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Whatever happens, we took a stand


It's hard to know what will happen tomorrow, today, the next 10 seconds. We all see what's happening in the world. It seems like the human race is hell bent on destruction. It's a war out there on so many levels. There are a lot of powerful forces out there who want to strap us down into a controlled, foggy and miserable existence, or worse. So now, more then ever, we need to come together and help each other in any way we can.

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The Genesis of FriendsOfDavidSpero.org


In 2007, as some of you might remember, we raised some money to buy print advertising for David's mediation events in a progressive and spiritual minded publication called “Common Ground”. It was a fun project but the results were disappointing. It didn't seem to have generated much of an effect and and any effect it did have was very hard to measure.

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Divine Lord


David is the unmasked, Divine Lord.

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