Speaking of Truth


Last night's satsang with David was marvelous; always one is immediately marinated in Luminescent Presence, and then drawn inward to consider: "Whenceforth ariseth this blissful nectar-fire?"

--Which regularly manifests with ease in his presence when one is sufficiently open to attune to it, or even when one is downright obstinate, but at heart yearning to grow.

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March 23, 2010 Satsang: Mental Obstructions


Being somewhat obsessive about "realization" is counterproductive, I'm finding. Most of my questions to David have been basically the same: The shakti is really blissful, but what about the Big E (Enlightenment)? What about nirvikalpa samadhi? Why, no matter how silent it seems, does the mind never completely go away? Or, to some them all up, what am I doing wrong?

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The Natural Samadhi of Everthing


Everything in our natural world is always already in Samadhi. That we might not realize our encompassment, or absorption, or expanded-ness is due to our not having been fully initiated into this global nature of Reality. Association with David provides a progressive expansion as the Big Self. There are stages of Awakening, albeit of a non-linear sort, so that, as David frequently says, everyone is different, and that you just don't know how long it will take for you.

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Bliss of David & Understanding "That"


I wanted to post this exchange between David and I a few days ago. I never gave much thought to "That." It was, I believed, too abstract, too far away. But, interestingly, after David asked me to ponder this, I realized that I may have a better understanding of That than I previously thought. To me, That is love, bliss, shakti and light -- all of the qualities of God or the Guru. I'm not sure if that's the official definition, but that's what It means to me. All of these things, I've experienced in overwhelming fullness just by sitting w/ David.

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Something afoot?


3/4/10 David asked me to post this short note I sent him this morning.
Dear David,
While riding the bus to work this morning, I was meditating for awhile and then my attention started drifting to those around me. Each one I looked at had a spark of light emanating from them. I started to see that others are already free and, in a way, how easy it would be for them to feel free. I know it would just be a small shift from the body/mind to their core Being but also realize what vulnerability and trust it would take to give up their point of view/identity, not to mention the tremendous Love and Grace required to catalyze that process. That brings me to the question, why isn't everyone seeking You out, as they are all in Your Attention. It seems it is not Consciousness's intention to wake everyone up at the same time. Or maybe something is afoot and there will be a great explosion, a kind of 100th monkey effect.
Well, time to get to work.

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David in my 3rd eye


I was day dreaming about a friend, who was shopping at Whole Foods Market. Then lo, I see David, in line or he walked right by me. I do think this is my first true contact with David. Besides the Free web casts. God bless David, and me. I like many people I know are having problems, with uncertainties about their futures. I mean Iam a teacher and many of us will be with out a job next ,school year. Iam really hopeful that , things Will work out for me. I think that this Meditation is good for my whole being.

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Welcome to your...



I have been reading with interest the experiences of the friends. I thought I would add "my" perspective and understanding for those that might have an interest. I identify with much that has written, many of the experiences that people have had.

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Exploded View


When I first began sitting with David, I was distracted by the Shakti. I was so fascinated with how it stayed with me and came and went. I also was distracted by not wanting it to leave. At times, I thought about how remarkable that this Energy was permeating me.

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Dreaming about David


Last night's transmission took me to another plane of consciousness. It was full of bright light and I was just a mere speckle in the midst of it. The sensation of the body was replaced by the feeling of absolute love. I lost the sense of time as I was bathing in this field of loving light, amazed by its potency. When I heard my roommate's keys in the front door, I was suddenly knocked back into the body consciousness, yet the blissful feeling of David's transmission remained. Well, that's it for now, I thought and went to bed shortly afterwards.

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My first year with David


2/20/10 It was about 1 year ago that I started taking my sadhana seriously. After an intensive with David, I realized that I had to honestly interface with this beautiful Energy, not just soak it in. David says that it is up to each one of us, what type of inner relationship we have with Him and what is truly unique about David is He is always available inwardly in a most profound and powerful way. For me I found that in spending an hour a day meditating with His picture nearby, truly reaching with my heart, He responds a thousandfold.

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