Secret doorway


Earlier this year I felt directed to David's teachings, and I've been regularly attending his webcasts and receiving his darshan. This is helping me to integrate the 'me' as consciousness with the 'me' who goes to work and lives a mundane everyday life. Lately it's becoming quite effortless to remain in Consciousness, and those old feelings of disappointment at 'falling out of Consciousness' are now generally replaced with a quick inward glance to see that I am still Consciousness and that nothing was ever lost.

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Absolute Beatitude


David is BEYOND amazing. The more one sits with him the deeper and more astonishing it becomes. He ushers you into the immensity of the Kundalini Shakti, which is utterly mind-blowing beyond anything that can be said. Everything... the mind/body, and the world is subsumed in a Light that eats, transforms and transcendentally outshines all ignorance, everything. The Most All-Pervading-Avataric-Nirvanic-Krishna/Kali-Force will midwife you into ever greater unfolding mysteries.

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Iam reading Davids book


I was told a few years ago about Davids book and the person who read it, said it was "Ho Hum". Well I started to read the book and thats not the case at all. Iam new to this way of spiritual teaching. A lot of what Ive read so far has helped me to understand what Davids teaching is about. So I recommend this book to any one whose just starting out listening to The web cast. The book will or should help you too. get a better grip. on what Davids teaching does. Oh , I also had aprayer Answered during the web cast. I wanted to ask David abou t Physical healing and body pain.

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To the SUN


To You....

Yes... yes....YOU :)................


I Love YOU, Gorgeous Golden Heart!
I Love YOU, Divine Grace!

My Darling Spirit of the Sun!
My Great Soul of All!

Your descending Compassion ascends Everything!

Your Breath breaths me Whole
And I long to feel your hands on my face...

Forever entranced in your Infinite Kiss,

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Sitting at the center of the Universe


Saturday's Stinson Beach intensive with David was a magical mystery tour. Intensives are great because you get much more time go deeper into the formal meditations and get to soak up all David's Spiritual transmission to complete saturation.

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Point Of View


Yesterday's Intensive in Stinson Beach took place in a beautiful area on a blazingly clear day. It was to be an explosive Teaching of tempering fire that burned away illusion-- as David burnished the sword of Enlightened discrimination. Everything about the day and the time with David screamed Freedom Beyond all points of view-- as well as included all points of view. David spontaneously burst forth with declarations about the Real and Unreal.

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April 13, 2010 Satsang: The Sun Blazing at Night


Tonight David was Lord Surya -- it would simply be incorrect for me to call him anything else. The light became absolutely blinding, alternately star-like white hot, then going photo-negative, just radiating through my body. It also had a dissolving effect, lightening my being and thought forms. My third eye was buzzing and it felt like it was being bored into it. Layers of care and concern were being dissolved by the radiation emanated from David’s form. I feel 50 pounds lighter now! So much worry is just gone!

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David's Divine Siddhi


Over and over again I am amazed at my (and other friends) interaction with David's Divine Siddhi. Every time I spend time with David He demonstrates that He is not separate from us in consciousness. During the last Wednesday webcast, for example, I was preparing a chat question about the expression of anger when all of a sudden David, being annoyed at something Orley had done, expressed anger towards Orely for us all to see. Some of you reading this were probably online and will remember that scenario.

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Enlightenment is not for the "me" (transcribed)


Hi Everyone,

I thought you might enjoy the written transcription of this video.
To see the original video, go into the Videos section on this website and search for it there.

Namaste, David

Enlightenment is not for the “me”

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New bee


I have to admit that it has taken some time for me to get what others are blogging about...the Blessings and blissful experiences, after and during webcast and during the week or days between. I too am now having some good feelings of joy and bliss/. I know it has been a slow process for me . I have prayed and meditated for more light in my life, so maybe thats why I feel that , thats why I've been led to Davids, Teaching etc..In conclusion, I love it.. Ok more words. My friends asked me to ask you about the mayan Calendar. I really enjoyed your answer.

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