The Blessing


We just finished morning meditation with David. Such radiance; such blissful life force; beauty and love that encapsulates at all levels of being. I go into take care of my mom who has advanced Alzheimer's. I'm able to make her laugh, and feel such a sense of joy and gratitude for the Grace, stamina and equanimity that allows me to handle all that is involved. There was no insurance money; my mom was not able to receive Medicaid.or any funding from family or friends. Yet everything somehow is fine; more than fine

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After all these years (17 I'm guessing), I still feel the immortal bliss that is David. I miss and long for him dearly.

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David's Grace


Recently, when traveling to see David in Sedona, there were many delays/cancellation with the airlines going and coming. But, throughout it all I was carried so lovingly with such grace and ease. All of the way, the bliss and love surrounded me, filled me, and carried me. Such is the grace that David provides. My trip was even paid for unexpectedly by the airlines! I am so deeply thankful for David’s presence in my life. Really, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have David as my teacher.

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Intensive Weekend in Sedona January 2017


Sedona is the perfect backdrop for the new trajectory of David's teaching. His Transmission this last weekend took on a whole new quality experienced by everyone in their own personal way, but totally and completely brought each of us to a completely new view of Reality from which to view our life and gave us tremendous energy to make any changes necessary. Jai David!

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Simple Pleasures


It's just me and the candle. I'm watching the stark contrast of the milky white of the candle against the black background of the night sky, the flame casting a flickering orange shadow on the window frame. The sweet vanilla aroma of the candle reaches my nostrils and the tinkle of the wind chimes outside my window rings in my ears. I am aware that the gentle movement of my body as I sit in meditation is one with the rhythm of the flicker of the candle, the aroma, the tinkle of chimes, the hum of the furnace coming on, and the silence of awareness.

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Animated Bliss


Gravitating toward the Heart with David's Wednesday Webcasts' hour-long meditations. Heart opening; awakened movement of feeling. Bliss buoys, recognizing and releasing waking-life impressions. So wonderful to feel more animated with Life. Jai David!


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Nothing short of Miraculous


The contrast is so great at times when i am in deep cycles of suffering and relief is found. When i sat with David today and the relief and grace and guidance i receive in that hour is nothing short of Miraculous thanks so much David..

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Of JK the teacher, the Un-Guru U.G and DS the Avatar


Before and since a recent intensive with David, I have contemplated the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, the refutation of JK by U.G. Krishnamurti and this rumination as it is clarified by the transmission of David Spero. I mean my phenomenological clarification of “being in the world”, to use the language of philosophy. I prefer to call what happens in his company “spiritual awakening”, allowing the language of spiritual apprehension inaccessible to the intellect, to thought.

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Felt so good in David's morning Webcast. Felt so satisfied in David's evening Webcast that I didn't want it to ever end. Pranams, Beloved.


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Thank you David for gazing into the camera. Your gaze penetrated through ignorance straight through to clarity. My heart opened and realized it's love for you. I didn't know what I'd been longing for. This is it. To love You. I bow before you Great Teacher.


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