Tonight’s webcast got me fired up because I love the topic of prayer. I like to inquire or delve deeply into the subject from both a dual and non-dual perspective.

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Last night's webcast got me in a cognition mode and I came into a clearer understanding of reality. The concept of reality having manifested from the past as a creation is a very strong cultural idea. I had a former teacher who pointed out that the source of life can be found at every point but I never thought about this with regard to the manifest world as a non-linear happening. It just all came to me when I asked David in consciousness and the words streaming in every moment came to me.

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A Hymn of Devotion


I have written hundreds of songs for You
I am but Your Song
My body is You
- your every-bodies

My name is Devotion
I exist only as We
the symbiosis of every me
The infinite relationship of Devotion

Life is but Devotion
It’s the love for the Other One
As lungs devote to the breath, the breath to the air,
the heart to the beat, and the beat to the blood.

We are the lover and the beloved
more two than one
More us than I
More together that alone

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More on being with David in Person


Being with David in person is seeing a different side of him. He is a human being who connects with his devotees. He will join you at breaks, answer questions and be genuinely concerned about your well being.

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My experience with David in person.


David provides an amazing blessing having webcasts. The energy that flows during webcasts is powerful and something that has kept me going in my stressful job of almost 40 years.

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My home is where You are


My home is where Love is –
Homeliness is with You.
This is just for me, for every me
To come together in Togetherness
Like many petals on a flower, all attached to the same ovary.
As unborn Nothingness,
for the first time we come into the Life of Everything.
In one life we are born for the second time.

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Honey Moon


Wednesday nights internet program was so sweet and luminous. I remember feeling like I was sitting in rich cool moonlight. A few nights later I was walking my dog in late evening and I watched the full moon rise. It was huge. I remember thinking, yes this is how Wednesday's internet program felt to me. When I got home someone had posted on the internet about this particular full moon on June 13th. It is called the honey moon and the next time this happens on this date will be in 2098.

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The Love of Shiva-Shakti


In Satsang with the Master a deep dynamic and radical transformation occurs. This is the evolution of a humanity capable of Love. This is what the mastery manifest in David Spero offers. At the present time, I am processing something I heard from David's recent talks, again my subjective imaginations about what he says. It has to do with the incapacity for Love caused by being the accumulated idea of oneself.

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Such a Beautiful Day


It seems like I have reached another milestone in my spiritual walk. The peace and contentment is more apparent in my daily life then ever before. It use to be that I rarely was at peace outside of meditation. David's transmission has been so very beneficial in bringing this about.

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Radiant love and peace breathing. Thank you so much David. Namaste!

Photo taken at Dead Horse Ranch State Park

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