Deep Peace


Deep Peace Namaste

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Bedtime Stories for All God's Children


This about some inspiring stories from my summer following the intensive with David in Sedona in April. I feel gratitude for the personal meetings and ongoing relationship with David; for the intensification of experience of the Divine that has been growing and accelerating since we met. There is much more clarification from the Avatar continuing since I was a young devotee of Sri Ramakrishna, who lived in the 19th century, a personification of the Absolute, especially of the Divine Mother Kali Shakti.

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Who is she? Who is she?


We have just had a weekend intensive with David. My last instructions were "Write us!". I am filled with sweetness consumed from the Mother - so much refreshment of creative imagination. And yet this experience was conceived in the strict conditions of philosophical investigation, a strange womb one might wrongly think. The theme that emerged in David's teaching was completely informed by creative expression of the feminine divine.

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A weekend in the Singularity of Mother David Devi Kali


Oh, Queen of Love
You have unwove my eyes
And my heart will not sleep

Oh, the Queen of Love
I am in Her Heart
She is in my room

And together alone we clasp hands
And in each other's eyes walk the endless shore

The snow is on the hills of my Heart
And to speak is to die

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Prayer.... A Great Mystery


I appreciate the previous blog by Judy on prayer. I think she did a really good job looking at it from various view points. Although I have no clue if prayer works, I still do so when guided by my heart. Years ago when I prayed it was to a source outside of me. Now that has all changed because I feel unified and so the prayers feel like an artist working on a canvas and I am the artist, the canvas and the paint. So does it even work or is it just a fantasy of the mind? I don't know.

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Tonight’s webcast got me fired up because I love the topic of prayer. I like to inquire or delve deeply into the subject from both a dual and non-dual perspective.

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Last night's webcast got me in a cognition mode and I came into a clearer understanding of reality. The concept of reality having manifested from the past as a creation is a very strong cultural idea. I had a former teacher who pointed out that the source of life can be found at every point but I never thought about this with regard to the manifest world as a non-linear happening. It just all came to me when I asked David in consciousness and the words streaming in every moment came to me.

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A Hymn of Devotion


I have written hundreds of songs for You
I am but Your Song
My body is You
- your every-bodies

My name is Devotion
I exist only as We
the symbiosis of every me
The infinite relationship of Devotion

Life is but Devotion
It’s the love for the Other One
As lungs devote to the breath, the breath to the air,
the heart to the beat, and the beat to the blood.

We are the lover and the beloved
more two than one
More us than I
More together that alone

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More on being with David in Person


Being with David in person is seeing a different side of him. He is a human being who connects with his devotees. He will join you at breaks, answer questions and be genuinely concerned about your well being.

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My experience with David in person.


David provides an amazing blessing having webcasts. The energy that flows during webcasts is powerful and something that has kept me going in my stressful job of almost 40 years.

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