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By larusc 8 years 4 months ago

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My relationship with this website started about one year ago. David caught my attention via youtube videos.
It were moments of wonder to listen to his videotalks, it was so wonderfully coinciding with what had been brewing in my inner life perhaps for some few weeks prior to the meeting with David via youtubevideos. In those few weeks I had been going through introspection and reflection on my journey as an active spiritual pilgrim of some 20 years and in fact further back when I was at the age of tvelve when I had my first touch of blissfilled and shakti inebriated experience during praying alone in my room. That initial experience in childhood was never lost but often forgotten in troublesome times of youth and ignorance,though sometimes in my pilgrimage years it was repeated in graceful moments during meditation.

So one year ago, going through this time of retrospection and returning to the innonsence of the age of tvelve, David Spero appears on the stage with the words of innonsence on his lips! I have to say , that when I joined the first live webcast everything was present, tears, shakti, heat and cool breeze , expansion in awareness far far beyond the physical body even beyond the earth.
Next weeks thereafter I could hardly wait from week to week for the next webcast but gradually I started to become keenly more aware of this anticipation as a restlessness within me, but as a miracle a pecuilar thing started happening , at first mostly during live webcasts:every time i closed my eyes my bodily self image changed into his bodily image, like a process of mergence was being initiated and a new sense of deepening in Feeling, peace, bliss..joy extasy, but i also had few days of emptyness, like being in a void, feelings of fear and sorrow lingering unreasonably within me.It came and it passed away.

It started to happen during my private meditation practice that David was present as being my body ,it also started to happen during daily busy hours that at some point my mind would relax a little, and Davids image would suddenly pop up within my mind as a reminder of BEING from within conciousness itself. It is as BEING itself is projecting into the mind the outer image of the Master as a saturating process of the intellect,dissolving it into the ocean of the heart. In that ocean there is no thinking involved, only fullness of BEING, wastness of light,bliss, formlessness but it seems to me that during the ascendence to the cognitive mind the recollection of this non-ego-will-based diving into the heart becomes an registered experience within mind.

By paul 8 years 4 months ago

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2009 was an amazing year of Divine Light, Bliss and Love. Doing the math, in 2009 alone I (and many others) were able to sit with David and receive his Divine Shiva / Shakti Transmission over 150 times! Even if you didn't have the luxury of living close to David, there were over 90 events you could attend online from any location on Earth (as long as you have a decently fast internet connection)!

I wonder if such grace has ever befallen any other group of seekers in the history of this planet? Keep in mind that David offered 50 of those events absolutely free (for us not for him). The rest were offered for a small donation to help cover the costs of all his online events.

Of the 6 or so billion people on this planet, how many people even know this kind of Divine Transmission is possible? And how many of those who know Divine Transmission is possible have access to that Transmission on a regular basis (or ever)?

Yes. If you are reading this post you fall into a very select group of privileged people. You are not privileged because your parents have wealth and influence, although they might. You are not privileged because you are smarter then most, although you probably are. You are privileged because you find value in who David is and what David does.

In 2010 let us all recognize our great good fortune and strive, by all means available to us, to expand our special and privileged group to include all who would respond to David as we have - with love and gratitude.


By davidspero 8 years 5 months ago

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Initiation and the Nature of the Absolute
by David Spero

Within the Absolute arises Its own Power of Initiation. You might ask, "Why?" That's like asking, "Why does the sun rise?" The answer is: it's in Its Nature to initiate, to fire out of Itself, to spread Its glory. That’s the nature of the Self, the Absolute.

The Absolute often is wrongly assumed to have merely a void-like nature. There’s a tendency in certain spiritual discourses to reduce the Absolute to something that is merely silent, that “witnesses” and so forth. Such understandings are only partially true, for there is a void-like aspect to the Absolute, but to confine the Absolute to just voidness, or nothingness, is to do injustice to It. Without Its own Initiatory Power, Its Shakti -- that arises from within Itself -- It would remain separate from the movement of life. It would never come into relativity.

Certainly, there is an aspect that always is transcendent to all relative functioning within the Absolute -- most certainly, but that quality does not define some kind of preferential nature about It. In other words, the Absolute does not have a bias towards Its own unmanifest quality. It shines in, or flashes into, the relative where It insinuates Itself, where It causes humans like us to have an awakening about Its nature, Its transcendent, glorified, Absolute Nature. And in that way we can, as living human beings, also reside in that Condition which transcends everything.

But certain schools have arisen, certain spiritual schools, you can call them patriarchal schools of thought, in which there is a motive present to separate out the Absolute completely from the world to such an extent that they want to deny the world, deny the existence of a world, deny the reality of the world, deny the whole universe, in fact. Why? Their rationale is plain and simple: because it appears, because it exists. So there’s a bifurcation between Being and existence in these teachings, these patriarchal teachings where the Absolute is considered to be something on a scale that goes up and up and up and never comes down.

Does it sound like there's a rift, now, between the physical and the spiritual? That's exactly what these teachings are rooted in and what they are set out to accomplish in the world. They are non-feminine, or even better, anti-feminine teachings, anti-Shakti teachings, anti-Initiatory teachings. They are all about abiding in that quality of the Absolute which is beyond everything, which silences, nullifies, or negates the active mind and encourages a kind of lifestyle based on that realization.

So you hear such proponents of these teachings talking about "no-mind," "no-body,” "no-self." They're “anti” all those things. Why? Because they are trying to run away from the suffering built into embodiment. They don't want to explore what embodiment is, they want to deny It and get away from It, as fast and as far as possible -- head for the hills! Because once you open up the door of relative life, it's highly confusing to the linear mind, the mind that creates these sorts of hierarchical and highly prejudicial teachings in favor of a non-active Absolute.

If you want to understand what is animating nature, what nature is in relationship to Being, you must encounter the Shakti, which is Divine Energy. Just as the Absolute can be called Divine Nothingness, Shakti can be called Divine Energy. It's animistic: it animates, enters into beings and lives them. And the truth is that it’s really a side of the Absolute. It's Its “shadow side,” Its repressed side. It's the side that goes in the opposite direction of total transcendence. It goes into total imminence, total embodiment.

So the Face of God shines two ways: It shines toward Absolute, Transcendent Nothingness and Relative Beingness -- Body-Minds. It loves migrating into a body-mind. All of that is within the nature of the Absolute, via Its Initiatory Power. And it's to that same Initiatory Power that we can come to recognize, as embodied beings, what our Transcendent Nature is, as It tilts inward, and what our relative nature is, as It expresses Itself outward. That outer domain exists within the jurisdiction of Energy.

So, a full teaching would include both Absolute and Shakti-based, or Energy-based, understandings.

A video of the unedited version of this talk can be seen at http://friendsofdavidspero.org/videos/initiationandnatureabsolute

By beatchk 8 years 5 months ago

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Two things that David has mentioned in recent satsangs have been of ongoing use as potent dhyanams, or focal points of meditation for me. The first is:

"A yogi's mind should be like a steady candle flame in a quiet room."

As soon as David said that, I envisioned seeing, feeling and becoming that still flame and superimposed its quiescence over the detritus of my mental chit chat--which jabbers like a circus barker, sorry to say, even in the presence of a Master.
Indeed, sometimes I feel the shakti, but without my mind slowing down to even take a breather. This is akin to unencumbered bliss in the Times Square of the mind.

When contemplating the flame, my breathing slowed. This gave it some well deserved rest. Like a primordial mandala, contemplating the mind as a still flame, a point of light, is an amazingly effective way to draw the senses back inward toward illumination and stillness...and of course, it is true that the art of trataka, or candle flame gazing, is an ancient and well known yogic technique for stilling the mind, and giving it something useful to do.

Thank you David for this means of putting a mute button on the peanut gallery with this timeless light filled contemplation.

Perhaps much more dramatically revealing in my evolving understanding was a statement David made at a subsequent satsang:

"I'm teaching you from the inside out, not from the outside".

These words and the feeling expressed collapsed into a moment of Recognition. The feeling, the shakti, when in satsang with a Master always emanates from within the Heart. Its not seeping in through your skin, just radiating from without...it is more like an inner correspondence of Love (Being Consciousness Bliss) recognizing its full blossoming in the Master and chirping and singing from the "cage" of the human heart. An a-spatial a-temporal a-transference of inner wisdom. The cage bursts and evaporates---was it ever really there? This Recognition continues to expand and impress itself further into an integration. The recognition comes and goes, but statements like this one which David made helps to cut through seemingly endless cycles of contraction and avoidance.

And it helps to make sense of certain tantric practices wherein one visualizes their Ishta Devata (chosen deity) or one's Guru seated in the cave of the heart---because that is where they already are!

Humble pranams to David for sparking light in the mind and in our Heart that we may surrender to the Beloved with juicy gusto--and true gnosis.

By paul 8 years 7 months ago

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I thought you all would enjoy this photo I took of David's feet during a recent Friday night event in Larkspur, CA. I must have snapped a dozen shots of David that night but the picture he was most fond of is the picture posted below. Notice how David's feet come together in a mudra.

As you all probably know, the Guru's feet are very significant in many traditions. The feet of the Guru is where the "Divine in form" touches the earth. In Hinduism it's very common to see devotees performing puja on the Guru's feet. It is widely understood (and experienced) that the Guru's feet are a tremendously potent channel of Spiritual Transmission.

I found the following definition of Guru's feet from a Siddha Yoga Glossary at http://www.siddhayoga.org/glossary.aspx

The Indian scriptures revere the Guru's feet, which are said to embody Shiva and Shakti, knowledge and action, the emission and reabsorption of creation. Powerful vibrations of shakti flow from the Guru's feet. They are a mystical source of grace and illumination, and a figurative term for the Guru's teachings.