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By Gabriela 8 years 2 months ago

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Last night's transmission took me to another plane of consciousness. It was full of bright light and I was just a mere speckle in the midst of it. The sensation of the body was replaced by the feeling of absolute love. I lost the sense of time as I was bathing in this field of loving light, amazed by its potency. When I heard my roommate's keys in the front door, I was suddenly knocked back into the body consciousness, yet the blissful feeling of David's transmission remained. Well, that's it for now, I thought and went to bed shortly afterwards. As the mind was slowly beginning to drift away, I started to feel the Shakti again.
Then He came. David's form, as beautiful as ever, greeted me with a warm embrace of loving affection. 'What do you want to see?', He asked. 'I want to see the world', I replied. So we took off flying to all my favorive nature spots and other amazing locations glimmering with unimaginable beauty. I was thrilled to have David by my side answering my numerous questions as we effortlessly swam across the midnight sky. Then He finally asked me, 'What do you want to feel?' I looked into His kind mesmerizing eyes. 'I need love. I want to feel all the love You can give me.' With a motherly-like gentleness, He took my hand and spoke ever so softly, 'It's all already in you. Haven't you noticed?' I woke up. The tears came slowly running down my cheeks onto the pillow. David is right, I thought. I do have all His love. Ever have, ever will. I just need to learn to let it flow freely.
I am so grateful, for David has found me when I was feeling all alone in this world, closing the door on love. But I'm not alone anymore. There are many more like me here, yearning to be loved and give love in return.
Dear David's Friends, I love You all.

By Abha 8 years 3 months ago

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2/20/10 It was about 1 year ago that I started taking my sadhana seriously. After an intensive with David, I realized that I had to honestly interface with this beautiful Energy, not just soak it in. David says that it is up to each one of us, what type of inner relationship we have with Him and what is truly unique about David is He is always available inwardly in a most profound and powerful way. For me I found that in spending an hour a day meditating with His picture nearby, truly reaching with my heart, He responds a thousandfold. A most beautiful relationship forms as I venture to open a little more of myself each day, as His Energy heals and nurtures whatever has kept me unable to feel This Love. Slowly I can feel my being spontaneously respond to the Light, with the slow recognition that there may be such a thing as Oneness. The Light begins to stretch my Heart as my vulnerability gives way to a deepening capacity to feel and respond to the Light as It integrates more and more into my daily life. As I continue to open and love, the Light brings me more and more ecstatic and blissful experiences. I start to see the world, through This Love.

By gosia 8 years 3 months ago

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When I first stumbled upon David's videos on YouTube I was struck by the beauty, purity, aura of light and clarity of His teachings. Then reading His ekstatic essays on His webpage, then His book, then attending online meditations I was more and more amazed and enchanted. His wisdom was shattering and deconstructing my intelectual "understandings". Wonderful Shakti transmissions were comunicating living Reality. Also I realized how painfuly separate I was, avoiding relationship.
I dreamed how great it would be to meet David in person. And all of a sudden - I was in San Francisco, sitting in His Presence, wrapped in His Love, sweet energy pouring into me. I felt welcomed, blessed, and embraced by His Love.
The beauty of it was breathtaking, and it was like an answer to all my wantings, all my spiritual investigations.
Now, there is nothing else to look for, nowhere else to go. All I want is to surrender completely and let this Divine Love burn me, dissolve and live through me.
I want to express deep gratitude and love for David, for leting me taste Divine Love, for leting me sit in His Beautiful Presence.
I also want to thank all friends who warmly welcomed me, especially Orley and Abha, who was very friendly and helpful.
Love to all of you, Namaste

By Cristiana 8 years 3 months ago

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This is an email I sent David two days ago. I am feeling now that it might inspire someone here to go deeper into the mystery, so, after some hesitation, I decided to post it here.


Dear David,

Last night, while in my sleep, something felt different and I woke up in shock and terror, finding that conventional reality was breaking up and extreme high states of consciousness were rapidly washing over my mind like before. I got so scared, in panicking terror, afraid to go definitely mad this time, so attached to and influenced by my recent past terrifying experiences...
But suddenly you appeared in my mind and kept saying "I am here and I am your Self. Remember That. Feel That. Do not be afraid. Relax completely into your Self. Forget about everything else." It was as if I was in the middle of a desert wind storm and the earth was also shaking, chaos and uncontrolable restlessness everywhere inside me, all the content of my mind mixed up in one unconfortable explosive sensation.. but your Voice, your Presence tamed everything down in a few moments, gradually and softly. My heart was felt then. The Heart. You. My Self.
As I write these words, I feel like I am not afraid anymore. I trust that Life, the Heart, is presenting me with just the right process. That's all i need to know. The past will not need to repeat itself again, I will be all right, because now I am respecting my body properly, giving it rest, water and food and not completely ignoring it like I did in the recent past because of being so obssessed by the inebreating feeling of being immersed in such orgasmic bliss and caleidoscopic fascinating revelations...And all I need to do now is to keep relaxing inside my heart, where You, my Self reside, and focus on You only, and allow for this Energy to dance in whatever way it wants to dance to show me what I truly am. I feel ready now, to let this journey through consciousness to come to its complete fruition.
Thank you so much, David, for coming into my life in the time that I needed you the most. Thank you for being and shinning Freedom Love and Beauty in this world. I love you with all my heart.

By michael ortega 8 years 3 months ago

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My last blog set off quite a thread that went into a direction that was much more intellectual and complicated than I anticipated. The heady style obviously isn't everyone's cup of tea; therefore I'd like to say something more inclusive from the heart.

"It's [Enlightenment's] nature is to dissolve everything... even the knower of It.
-David Spero

I have seen a Radiance on the faces of those who have sat with David. I see change and full beauty on these faces. It is hard to describe, and I have been sitting in this feeling for days, feeling the potentiality of what I have seen and felt.

I am groping for words here, and they will fail, because it can only be alluded to. It is like seeing someone resurrected, from both within and without, and full flushed in the entire body and spirit. The fullest potential of Beingness is demonstrated as it is, in a collective Darshan of what?... I can't say, even if I'm stubbornly trying!

I've seen this on David's face, and on the faces of other Masters, such as Anandamayi Ma, Ramana Maharshi, Nityananda, or those Buddha statues sitting in such a knowing contentment. A full coming into Being has taken place. This should be essentially noticed, in the bones. I could go on and windbag with adjectives, like Consciousness, Bliss, etcetera but, these are words only.
And even though IT is free, and not acquired, it is simultaneously a Gracing, or Benediction given by David. Not David as an individual, but David as Lord Consciousness, the Mother,or God-- whatever! It reaches deep into Consciousness, igniting a cool flame that burns, and burns and impurities explode away, evoking Radiant Being. Nothing suffices to describe this, it is pure life itself, unadulterated. I have failed miserably here to get at it, because It is getting at us, and there is nothing else to say. It can only be recognized.

No mystery, no nothing. The only option, it seems to me, is to walk through the gate into silence and disappear into fullness.