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By lunarshakti 8 years 2 months ago

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I wanted to post this exchange between David and I a few days ago. I never gave much thought to "That." It was, I believed, too abstract, too far away. But, interestingly, after David asked me to ponder this, I realized that I may have a better understanding of That than I previously thought. To me, That is love, bliss, shakti and light -- all of the qualities of God or the Guru. I'm not sure if that's the official definition, but that's what It means to me. All of these things, I've experienced in overwhelming fullness just by sitting w/ David. So, yes, I can now say that I know what That is. I don't fully identify as That yet, but I never gave it much thought either. Need to meditate on this A LOT more. Fascinating.

Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 1:41 PM
So much bliss today. It's incredible because yesterday I was kinda outta sorts -- didn't sleep well the night before and in a slightly bad mood. And when I attended the online meditation last night, my mind was a little all over the place and wasn't sure if I had gotten as much out of it as I should've. Plus, I had to attend the meditation from my office at work, so I couldn't really close my eyes and get into the mediation as much as I wanted to. But this morning, for whatever reason, I am filled with this very sweet, soothing, nectarous, long-lasting bliss. Mood has shifted dramatically. Bliss is
really penetrating in a good way. Especially through my heart chakra and my face. Very beautiful. And as I write this, it seems to magnify even more. Thank you, David. Needed that.

David Spero
Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 2:15 PM
In that bliss, David, are you beginning to untuit or feel or understand or know that You are That?
Is That within this experience?
Is That what is producing this Bliss, Release, and Flushing Love?

Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 2:38 PM
Well, I know that it's not me, so that must mean it must be That. Intellectually, I know that we all are That, but I don't identify as That yet. I mostly associate That w/ you because that's when I feel It the most. Honestly, I've never thought about all this in this way before. So interesting. I must meditate on this some more. Thank you.

By Abha 8 years 2 months ago

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3/4/10 David asked me to post this short note I sent him this morning.
Dear David,
While riding the bus to work this morning, I was meditating for awhile and then my attention started drifting to those around me. Each one I looked at had a spark of light emanating from them. I started to see that others are already free and, in a way, how easy it would be for them to feel free. I know it would just be a small shift from the body/mind to their core Being but also realize what vulnerability and trust it would take to give up their point of view/identity, not to mention the tremendous Love and Grace required to catalyze that process. That brings me to the question, why isn't everyone seeking You out, as they are all in Your Attention. It seems it is not Consciousness's intention to wake everyone up at the same time. Or maybe something is afoot and there will be a great explosion, a kind of 100th monkey effect.
Well, time to get to work.

By jedijohn 8 years 2 months ago

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I was day dreaming about a friend, who was shopping at Whole Foods Market. Then lo, I see David, in line or he walked right by me. I do think this is my first true contact with David. Besides the Free web casts. God bless David, and me. I like many people I know are having problems, with uncertainties about their futures. I mean Iam a teacher and many of us will be with out a job next ,school year. Iam really hopeful that , things Will work out for me. I think that this Meditation is good for my whole being. As far as my little vision, I think it means that I need to eat more Meat, "Only Kidding", I think , I like it that I was touched by his presence.

By Blufire 8 years 2 months ago

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I have been reading with interest the experiences of the friends. I thought I would add "my" perspective and understanding for those that might have an interest. I identify with much that has written, many of the experiences that people have had.

I have had many experiences too, violently extreme and beautiful spasms of Bliss and energy, but at some point there was a revolution of understanding. At a certain point it all turned inside out, and I realized something.

"I" was not a human having a wonderful experience of Bliss. "I" rather WAS Bliss having a Human experience.

Today,If someone were to ask my opinion as to what is tapas, I would answer "You are". If someone were to ask, what is Love? I would say, You are! If they asked what is the energy of Being (Shakti ) I would say "You are"

If they asked "what is Enlightenment?", I would say..."You are"...

This is of course my OPINION and it is what my understanding has evolved to (so far) over the years of my association with David.

About 5 years ago, I was chatting with David about this or that experience. After a bit of my prattling on, he interrupted and said "It's YOU...you SEE that don't you? (I didn't). I just looked at him quizzically not understanding at ALL. After a moment he just shrugged his shoulders, and we returned to casual conversation and I didn't think anything of it, for a few more YEARS!

I like to think I comprehend now.

From my perspective these days, all of the wonderful experiences that people observe are their "own" (so to speak) radiance. The radiance of SELF...

These days, my view of the David process is that He creates a bubble or space where you can SEE it! At Last!!!!

It's YOU...you SEE that don't you?


By michael ortega 8 years 2 months ago

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When I first began sitting with David, I was distracted by the Shakti. I was so fascinated with how it stayed with me and came and went. I also was distracted by not wanting it to leave. At times, I thought about how remarkable that this Energy was permeating me.
After my first Intensive, I noticed a maternal aspect to the energy. After having dinner with David and friends, and driving from Los Angeles back to NorCal at night, all the way home, I felt lovingly looked after, imbued as if the Shakti were protecting me. Arrived home and climbing into bed, it was as if someone were lovingly holding me in blissful arms. I felt completely taken care of. Then.. then Shakti stayed with me for two weeks, and it was strong and uncanny. I thought this was remarkable, as I had been with other teachers, but never felt this. Shortly after David returned to NorCal, I began having spiritual experiences, the likes of which were never so strong, psychic and even otherworldly. Still, I was concerned that I was distracted by the experience of Shakti, more so than being aware of It as Consciousness, or expanding as Consciousness as I Am That. Shakti felt like more of an effect, rather than the source of my being, and I interpreted that it was David and not me.
Then, over the course of continually sitting with David, I began to be educated in Being, in Consciousness. At first, I was dense and asked questions that were lower level, such as "What's the relationship of personality to Enlightenment," and "Is there a space between the two that is seen, as one becomes more and more Enlightened. David's answers seemed beyond me. Again, I was so distracted by the Bliss, that I could scarcely hear and integrate what he was saying.
Things have slowly been changing. I realize that I have needed to be slowly cooked in this Transmission, and much more cooking is surely in store. Now, I don't search after Shakti the way I used too, and neither do I become distracted by it. It is always available just beyond the tip of the minds tongue-- which is being carried away so often. It is the Ever-Potential-Present-Moment of Being that is prior to "me" and the mind. It is Consciousness, calmly abiding. I don't need to do anything, rather, "IT," is what I don't do that causes "IT" to arise. I'm sure this is the same for many of you.
I am not as greedy any more. It's becoming more clear that this is thoroughly a matter of letting go, of listening, as it were, where the whole body/mind is like an ear, listening into the infinite potential of Existence, and beyond that into subtler and subtler domains. I have also realized that David is Always with me. The other night he said, that he doesn't experience us as separate from him-- separate body/minds. The Transmission has nothing whatsoever to do with our limited personalities and beliefs, NOTHING!

David said: "Existence itself is Love, Existence itself is thoughtless Samadhi, Existence itself is the movement of Shakti, or energy. For me these are all eternally emanating, all eternally radiating out of That, which I Am. So, for me this movement of Sahaja Samadhi is a multifaceted, and multidimensional consideration; it's not simply quietude, it is not something that is confined to some kind of experience. In fact, it has nothing to do with anything I experience. I could come out as an angry maniac, and still be radiating the full force of God. It has no connection at all with human individuality....That's my Realization."

The last three sentences have really begun to sink in, in the last couple of months, I've noticed IT clearly. The relationship to David is not confined to any experience I have, it was still present, no matter the mood, or manifestation, and had nothing to do with my individuality.
At the same time, I inevitably seem to continue to require being lead through experiences that further convince me that I don't need these experiences. I'm still susceptible to looking for signs, like the little child demanding that God reveal herself. I sometimes get desperate and impatient and feel like I'd better get Enlightened, or else(!), or that it better happen sooner than later, because I'm sick of this dumb-ass mind in the bardo (intermediate zone) where I continue to unconsciously create and suffer the illusion. But, the thing is, as David shows, and as Tibetan Masters have been saying, Enlightenment Is Continually Unobstructed and Present, Always, and in All-Ways. It is Consciousness, Itself.

I feel this when I am in the wonderful company of you all, as well, I feel a profound ambience of Union (yoga). Our hearts open together and we feel and realize that we are that Radiant Transcendent Love that outshines every contraction. We are revealed as beautiful flowers opening to the Sun of the Master. That Love is where we all reside, always. That Love reveals a potentiality that Transcends everything. It is what we've always wanted, and we begin to see that it is Real in a way beyond what we could have ever hoped for.

I can't possibly be anymore grateful about that.

Namaste to all.