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By beatchk 7 years 11 months ago

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Last night was a whopper of a satsang. David began the evening by laying out the non-dual nature of reality in Advaitic terms. He used a beautiful metaphor, likening the mind to a small plot of land enclosed by a fence. When one (seemingly individuated consciousness) approaches the fence and looks to see what is beyond it, one can see the vastness of Being itself, spreading in all directions. The limited mind is necessarily operating within that unlimited expansion.
At one point a motorcycle razzed its way into our perception field. It was noted that if you felt that noise as occurring "in you" then you were perceiving in a more Truthful way.
Over time, it became apparent that a different mood bourne of love was beginning to manifest, and this bhava seemed to be akin to the movement of sunlight dancing on water, or shimmering sparks flickering about in the mist of a waterfall. David identified this Light as the Divine Mother, or as Ma Kali. It seemed like Mapranashakti, the primordial Devi. Any sadhana undertaken under the wing of this Mother in this scintillating atmosphere was effortless.
David noted that She manifested from "afar" because of love and the intense devotion of her devotees. What beauty that even a shred of the appropriate Bhakti and devotion could yield such love in response from Mother! What tremendous grace.
David's divine mood turned giddily ecstatic. We all shared this astonishing love in interbeing, and the beauty of dissolution into love.

By Rick 7 years 11 months ago

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Earlier this year I felt directed to David's teachings, and I've been regularly attending his webcasts and receiving his darshan. This is helping me to integrate the 'me' as consciousness with the 'me' who goes to work and lives a mundane everyday life. Lately it's becoming quite effortless to remain in Consciousness, and those old feelings of disappointment at 'falling out of Consciousness' are now generally replaced with a quick inward glance to see that I am still Consciousness and that nothing was ever lost. This is so very welcome after the past few years of 'straining' to experience successive states, and riding the rollercoaster from elated crest to disappointed valley.

Lately, I often experience feelings of desire and loss due to missing out on the weekend events. Since I live out of state, it's just not possible to attend. During Saturday's webcast, David mentioned that his energy was readily available on his websites whenever he was putting his attention there. Of course it's available at all times as well, but I do feel it particularly strongly when we are online with David 'live'. So I started noticing when David was logged in to this site, and I did the following:
1. log in to express my intention to commune very deeply with source.
2. open myself to whatever may be offered.
3. reach out to David with something like Spiritual arms (this vision just seems to happen for me).
4. reach out to the other group members. I saw us as all holding hands.
The result was, I felt the energy transmission just as intensely as I've felt it during the webcasts.

I just thought I'd share this in case any other remote group members at times get to feeling a bit detached. I seem to feel very independent as long as I'm sitting with David twice a week, but I can still tend to struggle if my life situations become difficult and I miss out on that refreshing hour with David on Saturday.

I'm very happy to be part of this unique group of people.
Love and appreciation to all,

By michael ortega 8 years 1 week ago

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David is BEYOND amazing. The more one sits with him the deeper and more astonishing it becomes. He ushers you into the immensity of the Kundalini Shakti, which is utterly mind-blowing beyond anything that can be said. Everything... the mind/body, and the world is subsumed in a Light that eats, transforms and transcendentally outshines all ignorance, everything. The Most All-Pervading-Avataric-Nirvanic-Krishna/Kali-Force will midwife you into ever greater unfolding mysteries.

The most hyperbolic poetry and praise are dirt in the mouth when trying to describe him.
All the descriptions of phenomena, states of Bliss, ALL of that can not even approximate what it is like to be in relationship with Him. To say that Consciousness is meeting you in it's fullness with implications that annihilate the known, is a laughable understatement.

" You will be backed into a corner, where everything about you comes under scrutiny. The scrutiny of Consciousness itself."
-David Spero

By jedijohn 8 years 2 weeks ago

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I was told a few years ago about Davids book and the person who read it, said it was "Ho Hum". Well I started to read the book and thats not the case at all. Iam new to this way of spiritual teaching. A lot of what Ive read so far has helped me to understand what Davids teaching is about. So I recommend this book to any one whose just starting out listening to The web cast. The book will or should help you too. get a better grip. on what Davids teaching does. Oh , I also had aprayer Answered during the web cast. I wanted to ask David abou t Physical healing and body pain. But I could not think of theway to ask the right question and I did feel a little reserved , too. I didnt know if he could shed some light on my health situation.. so I didnt bring it up. Yet , to my amazement, someone did ask David about their health. And I enjoyed his answer. I dont think all of what he said applied to me , but some of it did shed light on my problem. For , now Iam really enjoying the web cast. Thanks Again David nad friends, for all the great service you provide. John

By Cristiana 8 years 4 weeks ago

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To You....

Yes... yes....YOU :)................


I Love YOU, Gorgeous Golden Heart!
I Love YOU, Divine Grace!

My Darling Spirit of the Sun!
My Great Soul of All!

Your descending Compassion ascends Everything!

Your Breath breaths me Whole
And I long to feel your hands on my face...

Forever entranced in your Infinite Kiss,
I die everyday in your soothing passionate Embrace...

This Supreme Bliss is my daily bread,
the sacred water that quenches my desperate thirst...

YOU are my HEART
where all beings awaken to LoveNature's ROOT,
where they rest at last,
satisfied and overflowing with Immortal Ecstasy...

Suddenly though
your wings touched my eyes
and in a split second I SEE

I AM the Spring that never goes dry!
I AM the Wind that blows you up in the sky!

From my Living Waters you are born everyday...

Always fresh and anew you spread your Flight
all over the Bright Morning of my own dazzling fluorescent Night...

Your Feathers are made of my crystal clear currents,
always shifting,
always loving...

Your Grace,
your Pure Silent Voice
- my own Heart...

But what are all these things I SEE I AM?
Absolutely NOTHING,
no-thing anyone says I AM...

I AM simply the Mirror of the Beauty of Love...
This Beauty is YOU, my Great Love!

It is YOU
Always YOU