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By jasalerno 7 years 3 months ago

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I am from Fairfield, Iowa and about a month ago I listened to an interview of David by Rick Archer on his show Buddha at the Gas Pump. When I saw his face, I felt like I had seen him before, maybe at MIU where David briefly went to school and where I spent many years on staff. I then went to David’s two web sights and watched all his videos, read all his writings, and began sitting in on his Wed. night webcasts.

I was amazed that I could receive darshan over the Internet. Another teacher that I was with tried this and it didn’t work, at least for me, anyway. As I told David in an e-mail to him, these webcasts are just what I need right now, that he acts as a catalyst for me to help stabilize awareness. As he says in one of his videos, I find that my focus on him and hearing what he is saying puts me into being for the rest of the webcast and sometime afterwards. My mind is a peace, my heart expanded and blissful, and the shakti activated. If I listen to his videos for 15 to 20 minutes before meditation I am able to be in awareness with eyes open throughout meditation. After sending him an e-mail, shortly after that, maybe the next day I spent the good part of the evening witnessing while reading.

By larusc 7 years 3 months ago

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Last wednesday I intended as usual to attend the live webcast which turnes up at 02.00 am at my local time, but my day had been very busy and I was exhausted, so I set my alarm and vent to sleep.But when the alarm rang I must have turned the alarm off while still a sleep. But curiously about 30-40 minutes later I woke up and the thought Oh no Ive misset it passed trough my mind! But then calmness came over me and in my awareness as I lay in my bed I had the experience of being engulfed in light and peace, as an infant in the loving embrace of the Mother, all is well, all is well . In this bliss of shakti I peacefully dozed of into the dreamless absolute.
I believe that intent by heart and love for David as an living signpost to Being itself, granted the admission to this experience, it is as Being itself woke my bodymind up to register “I AM EVER”.

To live in spirit-breath of soul is an experience filled with light, joy,grace, courage and compassion-within every human being this quality to live exists, it is not only there for romantic poets - it is your inheritance divine ,seek it in attention , meditate it in being , that is the true life of yours, so be awake and rest!

By mark.jack 7 years 3 months ago

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I remember my first webcast some 2 1/2 yrs ago. I wrote David " WOW". I could never have fathomed such euphoric bliss ! He told me to wait and watch what unfolds. I know those of you at last nights webcast must be smiling, nodding their heads. The Love/Bliss, the delicious indescribable joy dissolved all questions, made us into one collective HEART. Every utterance of David was drenced with this intoxicating experience. It doesn't matter what one believes Sahaj Samadhi is, what we have read in spiritual texts ! A few weeks ago David said,"words are mundane". When a living master like David invites you into the realm of the ineffable, the words dissolve !
When you look at the sun, a rose, a baby, a pet, rainbow, waterfalls, listen to beautiful music, feel true love, no explanations are needed. None will suffice ! How blessed are we ? 50 or so people nourished, given all one truly longs for in their heart of hearts. The Sweet Delicious Love/Nectar of the Divine. God Bless You David !


By Steve 7 years 3 months ago

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David is my friend, my self. He/ I constantly reveals so much more than just this little human consciousness. From a great pillar of light, to constant shakti vibration, to open eyed samadhi, to the pure recognition of the love-light that I am. I'm all there, nothing held back, completely revealed, extreme reality at it's finest.

I can hardly put into words, the love and gratitude that IS the experience of David, my self. So beautiful, so wonderful, so loving, so intense that I am almost unbearable. It is David, my self, that I have come to appreciate, cherish, and love so much.

By michael ortega 7 years 4 months ago

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I inherited a home from my Grandparents and I am currently renovating it. This house comes with it's fair share of ancestral karma and there is quite a bit of funky stuck energy to deal with. Working with that energy has been somewhat intense as it has substantially effected my sleep and dream life, as well as my waking life. Yesterday, I put my mac with a DVD of David playing in one of the rooms that really needs energy clearing. Not only that room, but the entire house became filled with the Paramatman and Clear Light of Reality. I also played a cd of the Mahamritunjaya mantra, and playing together, they really beefed up the Light in the house. It was then with sublime gratitude, that I realized how incredibly fortunate I am to have these most sacred means of Transmission/Benediction available to me. I used to joke that I would love to have a technological device that would be called a shaktipod which I could place in my home and would radiate the house with Shakti. Thanks to David I actually now have this. Technology and the Divine have come together in the most unforseen and amazing way. Ah! the inscrutable ways of The Divine Mother!

Also, I would like to say that EVERYTHING David says can happen if you come hang out with Him can happen for you --if you have faith in Him, Yourself and the Teaching. He offers the most primordial Transmission, which is the most primordial tradition, prior to all cultures, scriptures and even solar systems. This Avataric Transmission is the fundamental, most primal source of All Awakenings that have ever occurred. The Jivan-mukta is liberated beyond All and everything. This is Amrita-Sahaja-AdyaShakti Yoga, or Adyashakti-Adi Yoga. The Immortal, Spontaneous Most-Primal Yoga of The Divine Mother.