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By jasalerno 7 years 2 months ago

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Attention is so sacred
Attention on you, David,
On your face, your speech, your darshan
Reminds me of the beloved,
The One in whom I first met deep inside myself.
With attention on you, the beloved
Includes the outer Nature, and I merge with That.
I have discovered again the grace of the Guru in embodiment.
Thank you for your webcasts!
What you put your attention on grows until your evolution is complete.

When I was reading your (David's) comment on Rick Archer's blog, the thought came that the ultimate understanding of the Body of Christ is Sahaj samadhi. It is not just the body of Christians. All is contained in that Body where God shows up even in the relative. He/She encompasses everything and there is no distinction between heaven and earth. The awareness of God is lived in daily life in an effortless, natural way, and it's particular flavor of Sahaj plays out in leela.

By roygan 7 years 2 months ago

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The last few days have been a passionate love affair with myself with the occasional glimpses of the "outside" world. I find myself enthralled in the affair, romanticizing at times, indulging in it and even at times feeding the numerous moments and thoughts of deep heart-felt tragedy of death and suffering. Even as this epic love story is being penned down by me, I cannot but see it's a completely self absorbed love affair with me. It sounds selfish but it's the UNconditional in the one mind that knows no bounds or caps or quotas. It is completely free to be what it is. What gratitude! What gratitude that the veil is lifted! Everything proceeds from it and is reflected back at it and there is only a sense of wonder and celebration and complete innocence of being. I love this story of the story of me. I love how I use spiritual knowledge to judge myself and also how the fly in the room is absolutely annoying. I love the story of how I try to get rid of myself and am thrilled and curious that I would do something so impossible. Where does the story of I end? When will it begin? I am absolutely in love with what is. I relish in moments of what I think are golden gems of spiritual revelations and then realize in another moment that they are ancient and pass into the oblivion of the past. I love my thoughts of the past as I see them projected into an imagined future as yet another tragic love affair comes to bear. What a story! What a beautiful love story! What a tragic love story! For there is no choice but the one choice, the one will of the being. And that is love! The love that is so greedy that it loves even the apparent unloving and unforgiving. For what can flow from a mind opened onto itself it would even be free to choose against itself. No choice then exist. God is.

By jasalerno 7 years 2 months ago

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Pod Cave

Surrounded by four walls
I lay in cool darkness in my pod cave.
Sweltering heat tried to penetrate the walls.
Only the sound of the frogs could get through,
lively chirping in my ears, as if to say, come out and play.

With no sense of sleep in sight,
I hastily threw something on and
ran out into the night,
enveloped by a damp blanket of heat.
You could cut it with a knife.

Hanging over the bridge at the pond,
staring down at the full moon dancing
on the murky blackness, I felt intense.
Full moon on water has that
effect on me. I’m a moon child.

I couldn’t stand it any longer.
Running back to my cave,
blindly searching for my stereo ear phones,
ah, the mystical strain of Led Zeppelin’s
haunting flute music pirouetted me
out into the lobby.

I lost myself in the rhythm and became
one with the music, like a marionette
without any strings, my body in perfect
sync, my heart beat making love with
the beat of each cord.

So This is Love

So this is love, permeating every cell
Flowing across my face
In an endless stream.
And the source is deep within
Sparked by your mysterious grace
Finding me throughout the night
In your embrace.

Blessed be this life of tears
It made us search so many years
For what we thought we could not find
Caught up inside our mind.
But now we know the truth
Joy and peace were always there.
Just be still be here right now
Don’t go anywhere.

The cobwebs of our past unwound
No trace of history is found
The ego must face a serious death
Just be still be here right now
Don’t go anywhere.

A Gem of a Memory

Whence cometh this little gem of a memory
which periodically floats through my mind's eye,
and conjures up a pleasant feeling of total contentment,
as if I could stay in this moment forever?

Is it a fragment of an actual experience of the past?
I now cannot remember. Maybe it's a past life experience
which never was totally forgotten, a dream,
or the essence of a fairy tale told to me as a child.
I just don' t know.

But does it really matter? What matters really is how
I always feel in this reverie, and what I will never forget
from the experience.

Up high on a hill, above the village, under a crystal blue sky,
I sit cross-legged in an overgrown carpet of emerald grass and daisies,
watching the butterflies flit to and fro in the early afternoon sunlight.
The gentle breeze carries the sweet fragrance of summer to my nostrils.
I unconsciously pluck a blade of grass and nibble the tender shaft.

What joy there is in silence, yet witnessing the sound
of merry children's voices drifting up from the village.
Being in total peace and in oneness with this moment,
I dare not move, as I might break the spell.


Oh thank you Lord for your grace, finding myself in the midst of it all last night in forest clearing serenaded by the frogs, the glint of torches of a past gone era sparkle through the trees and light the path around the pond to the little clearing, and round about the bon fire aglow with merry people playing, drumming, maidens dancing, and singing, the full moon shining, and being lost in the rhythm, keeping time with the rhythm percussion piece in hand, feet dancing in sinc, melting into a new song of singing, of joying in life manifesting around me, waves of glory in everything painted across eternity for us to see out of your eyes.

And again, this morning singing of your praises thankful for your presence, lost in your music into your spirit, your dance of rhythm, body flowing, gold and silver worship flags flying saluting you in heartfelt love.

And this evening in our communion feeling your special touch enlivening me in your bounty taking me back into that heavenly place that somehow had most recently been overshadowed by sickness of body resulting in sickness of spirit wallowing in the mire of a dark night. But, oh such grace of your touch it is that quickens the spirit, heals the soul, quiets the mind, and releases this song of gratitude to you my Lord.


Oh fire, you burn for me to remind me of that part of me that is so alive, transforming dross into a flame, a dance of form into another. But though the form does change, underneath you are still the same none changing reality. As you flicker from out my sense of sight inside the belly of the stove, I feel your warmth inside my heart. There is no separation here, dear one.

Lost Horizon

I flow along in the seas of time
searching for my lost horizon.
Warm magnetic waves pull me to and fro,
some frail and inconsequential,
others more mighty and irresistible,
entangling me in pulsating paradise.

I am stuck immobile,
caught up on the crest of a wave,
overwhelmed by enlightenment.

Am I to fall in descent to the depths of the sea again,
to fight my way up to the light,
to the flow and ebb of time?
Flow onward spirit!
Not until I reach the lighthouse of hope
will I have found my lost horizon.
I am ready to lay down my anchor.
Will someone go ashore with me?

Love Affair With Nature

There's heaviness in the air, I feel it.
I sense a build up of energy round about me,
a nervous energy within.
Dark clouds form.
A gust of wind sweeps across my face.
The trees lift their arms and dance with the wind.

The sky is black.
My heart bangs!
Streak of light.
Crash of thunder.
A tree topples to earth.
I shriek aloud!

A rush of energy flows through me.
Rain splashes on my face.
I start running
My heart wants to sing
Joy permeates within and without.
We are one.

Love Lesson Learned

Hard to get to know you.


Learn over again each time.

Hard to get to trust you.

Do you know I know what you want?
For I want what you want. Therefore,
knowing what you want is what I want.


Across the ocean,
not too far.
Know if you love me,
have to find out.
Can't without



Get to know you again.
Long time not seen.
Time gone.
Just you and me forever, now.


Oh welcome to our home built by loving hands. Let it remind you of that home within your heart, that temple of God. Prepare a place for Him, tend your lamp with love. For you know not when your Lord will come. He will come standing as a lamp at the door. Open the door and let him in. And he will sup with you and he will light your lamp, that light of life within your heart. And that light will grow and come into full bloom. Let that radiance flow thru your heart in love and compassion to all mankind and every living thing. And He will woo you with His love. And you will be His bride and He your bridegroom. And He will abide with you and you with Him surrendered in silent peace and blissful joy.

Oh my beloved, my sweet sweet Lord. Enter here in. Abide with us and make us victorious in Thy sight. Protect us with your sword and smite the demons of darkness on the battlefield of life and make us happy.

We praise your name in all these worlds for you are victorious and you showed us the way. All glory and honor to you my Lord. We offer up our vessel of ambrosia, that chalice of the heart as a sacrificial offering in gratitude to you, my Lord. All glory and honor and praise, all glory and honor and praise. Halleluiah to the victorious one.

By Gabriela 7 years 3 months ago

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Hello David's friends,

The last meditation Intensive of 2010 was held in Stinson Beach on Saturday Oct. 16. I took several pictures while we were strolling along the beach after meditation. Feel free to contact me for the link to the online photo album from this event.

Love to all who are One!


Gabriela ;D

My Burning Heart (from Love Poems of Rumi)

My heart is burning with love
All can see this flame
My heart is pulsing with passion
like waves on an ocean

my friends have become strangers
and I’m surrounded by enemies
But I’m free as the wind
no longer hurt by those who reproach me

I’m at home wherever I am
And in the room of lovers
I can see with closed eyes
the beauty that dances

Behind the veils
intoxicated with love
I too dance the rhythm
of this moving world

I have lost my senses
in my world of lovers

By jasalerno 7 years 3 months ago

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I am from Fairfield, Iowa and about a month ago I listened to an interview of David by Rick Archer on his show Buddha at the Gas Pump. When I saw his face, I felt like I had seen him before, maybe at MIU where David briefly went to school and where I spent many years on staff. I then went to David’s two web sights and watched all his videos, read all his writings, and began sitting in on his Wed. night webcasts.

I was amazed that I could receive darshan over the Internet. Another teacher that I was with tried this and it didn’t work, at least for me, anyway. As I told David in an e-mail to him, these webcasts are just what I need right now, that he acts as a catalyst for me to help stabilize awareness. As he says in one of his videos, I find that my focus on him and hearing what he is saying puts me into being for the rest of the webcast and sometime afterwards. My mind is a peace, my heart expanded and blissful, and the shakti activated. If I listen to his videos for 15 to 20 minutes before meditation I am able to be in awareness with eyes open throughout meditation. After sending him an e-mail, shortly after that, maybe the next day I spent the good part of the evening witnessing while reading.