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By Rick 7 years 3 weeks ago

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O divine witch, what suffering you bring.
I am driven to madness. I am desolate. I am incomplete.
Like a skittish cat, you tempt and retreat.
Cruel temptress! Inviting me in, you keep me at bay.
I must gaze at you through your screen.

Shall I live another year on your doorstep?
I am trapped. I can neither advance nor retreat.
You bewitch me with your beauty.
I live in the ecstasy of your touch.
I am drugged by your scent.
I must have you fully. Fully!

No, I can no longer bear it. I am become Shiva.
I am Silence. I am Stillness. I am Desolation.
I retreat to the desert. I am one with the cool night air.
I have no need of food nor companionship.
You cannot tempt me. I am immune to your charms.
I stamp my foot at you, skittish cat. Be gone!

Why send your messenger? I am unmoved.
I will not fall prey to you. Your beauty has become ugliness.
I hate you completely. Do not dance before me. I look without seeing.
Yet I cannot look away. The moonlight shimmers in your hair and dances across your swaying hips.
I feel the drug of your scent.
I am slipping from my perch. Leave me!

I am once again consumed by your touch, slain by your beauty.
Will you not come out of the shadows?
I would gaze fully upon you.
I would finally quench my thirst for you.
Cruel temptress, relieve me of my suffering.
Come fully to me. Walk with me. Speak to me.
Confess we are One. Confess all is One.

By michael ortega 7 years 1 month ago

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Nothing has been the same since coming into this lineage of Transmission. Shakti is felt all of the time and the potential inherent in it feels limitless, containing the fullest implications of Consciousness Awakening and Expansion. A door has been opened and the opportunity is here to walk through IT and to Feel to Infinity. This IS a feeling-based transmission and it will feel into every place in being if cooperation occurs.
The greatest mysteries of Everything, of Life, Consciousness, Death and beyond are contained within This. We discover that we are composed of infinite feelings and Light, that we are the effect of brilliance and not the cause of IT. This is the secret of secrets and the unveiling of Sat-Chit-Ananda.



By marci 7 years 2 months ago

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David, although I’ve only been around Your Form for two months and a week, I feel I’m falling more and more in love with You and miss You terribly. I’ve never felt this way before about a teacher and know in my heart You are my true root master. I feel grateful and fortunate to have finally met You and have started to feel how You have been there for a very long time. All of this is Your Grace of course. Nothing compares to this relationship with You, the Divine. Thank You for all the lessons and gifts given while not being able to see Your Form. You are so Beautiful and I love You.

By Amina 7 years 2 months ago

The only regret I have in this life is that my Godhood was not met from the beginning. It started at conception I think. In the orgasmic pulse of my parents making love there was a reservation, my mothers reservation to accept God. Since I opened my eyes even before, when I embodied that zygote I knew that I am on a tragic journey of no survival. And yet that consciousness in a miraculous way always stayed with this apparent body. In the world of no love, in the world of random truth that original impulse and imprint survived. It was never met in the outside world but apparently always remembered inside. Always shining, always brave, always loving always truthful no matter what the consequences. I was proud from the birth to remember who I was. I was proud to stand as love, truth and beauty through out all my life. I can recognize my clan without words and without distance. My journey through life was nothing else but a preparation to send a beam of Light back to my original place through this body, mind, heart. To go through the densities of mind, believes, fears, sabotages and to remember always and to recognize you all as God. You are nothing but God. I resonate to that place inside your heart where this truth is known. Within your own heart flame you will remember if you do not yet.

And I declare God has nothing to do but just be God.
God can not be made into modality nor commodity.
God is here just to play.

The freedom of God does not subside to any mind nor any form.
Yet it respects all, silently beaming through the heart the possibility of your awakening and remembering.
It is enough just to remember. All beings had in their lives the moments and revelations of that recognition. No one was ever left alone. No one has ever in their life not experienced God as their Self.

This is the secret silent science of God.
The fire of that remembering burns all to the purity of love, truth and beauty of the ONE as Many.
From that point on One as Many, self organizing, dissolves any forms of mind activity breading authority over the other.
The original purity of no concept is installed.

Heart knows the way.

The will aligning with Gods will. One God's will for all to be ONe.

It is simple for we all came here on Gods orgasmic pulse of love light.
We do not need any securities, mortgages, banks, authorities, politicians.
We only need to remember the One in each heart and than that One effortlessly will manifest as Many.
To create the world of Love Truth and Beauty.
All we have to do is to hold that flame in our hearts burn bright, holding the hands together and standing firmly our ground. Creating magnetic pulse which will restore all to the original conception. That is all we need to do to change that world and deliver it to God. Silently and gently the rest will rest and dissolve in the orgasmic pulse of original conception bringing forth the Kingdom of God to Mother Earth. Unknown is the beauty that will manifest through the cooperation of glowing radian hearts joined a One.


By Amina 7 years 2 months ago

We all are the beings of love truth and beauty, right from the beginning of time. All treasures hidden inside. The balance of those 3 brings stability to our lifes here on Earth. In the inner balance the peace is born. From Peace expands beauty, life painted on the canvas of silent love and truth all harmonizing as ONE. Harmony is the path and the goal of life. Love fills all aspects of life bringing fulfillment, truth guards the right action in the expansion of time. The timeless silence watches over the workings of those two. Magnetic pull brings the highest possibilities of fulfillment. Nothing holds you back. I always knew that energy knows better, that love knows better, that consciousness knows better. Living in the unknown can be scary though, very scary. And yet the being would not hold to any attachments, any strings limiting the freedom of movement. For the energy knows better. Always flowing to the highest ground of love and truth. Can be scary for self image though. But the force breaks that too for the being formless would not be limited by form. You know like sometimes our believes limit our expression, and the being roars over it all. Magic of unfathomable energy animating the body mind, drown by heart to meet the other, the apparent other or self in the other. Showing God to God like David says, it is singular. And yet the magnetic pull is so strong, dancing God to God. The recognition of that immaculate concept, that purity embodied apparently in the same territory of time and space is fabulous. Like a cosmic joke pulsing those vibrations, pulsing love and pulsing up to the apparent dissolution of all. This pulse finding apparent other pulse, playing in the pulsing. To live at that level of ecstasy and yet make your bread and cup of tea in the morning, going for a walk, just living simple life embedded in the orgasmic pulse of creation. Everything and yet nothing at ONE, juicy and happy for no reason, just pulsing bliss of nooneness. No name can be given to that. No one ever was able to give it a name. Let's leave it like that.

for David