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By mildmercy 6 years 6 months ago

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Have you ever wondered why the human body in Western religious realms is often defiled and spoken of in derogatory terms? Is this a consequence of what David speaks of as the 'male spiritual school' and it's anti-shakti bias toward favouring disembodiment as a prefatory path to the Absolute? A preferential characteristic?
This topic is new to me but it can lead to interesting insights, such as, why is the body considered as something 'dirty', 'undesirable' if certain areas are exposed? Why are 'swear words' largely confined to body parts, bodily functions, se*u*l acts (yes I added the asterisks though Not for purist reasons, just fun). How can Love enter such a situation, either Love of self and heaven forbid, to dare Love 'another' embodied defilement?
Please add your thoughts to this if you are so inclined, because what other assumptions do we readily accept which obviously have no basis yet 'culture' enforces into our psyche and for what ulterior motive?--George

By dianetn48 6 years 6 months ago

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I just want to share some of what my mind has come to realize this week.I believe this sharing to be part of my journey but not necessarily all important.

As I contemplated on my life and why I sit with David, I realized I am most inclined toward meditation during times of duress and struggle. When in the thick of emotional duress, meditation has helped burn it away. This week was neither stressful nor difficult. It was actually quite pleasant. As I sat to meditate on Wednesday evening I noticed that my usual tensions were not there to be worked out and I was able to go very deeply very quickly. It was in that moment I realized how often when life is "going good" I skip meditating and Do other things. In skipping mediation, I seem to have held myself back from moving deeper and further in my evolution (A word I borrow from David to explain this transformation that is occurring)

This week my mind, which has been very strong in directing what I will do in my life, seemed to accept that in order for me to burn through the next layer of whatever needs to burnt away, i will need to meditate while I feel good - even if it means I will go from laughter and ease to tears and burning and fear. I developed a system early on in my growth that if I was feeling good (not depressed) I would avoid things that dampened my spirits or made me cry. Since I cry so much during meditations, I think I subliminally avoid meditating when I feel good.

The last time I sat with David in Larkspur, I thought I was struggling only with depression. As I drove home from that event, i realized fear was the deeper emotion. With this new found reality, I will experiment with meditating when I feel good and see where it leads me.

By jasalerno 6 years 6 months ago

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This particular video has such a strong transmission embedded in it. It hits you in the face and you can't say anything or do anything. It just is. The desire to reach out with hands toward David in recognition started to come up in seed form, but the desire could not be complely formed because there was no one there to reinforce and sustain that desire and carry it out, this body mind was stuck in that reality of the moment and could not move. So clear! In retrospect the mind says it has slipped away, but intellectually knows it hasn't because it somehow knows that's not the truth. In retrospect the heart says thank you, whereas before it couldn't speak.

By jasalerno 6 years 9 months ago

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Sitting to meditate this morning and it was all gazing out the window and musing on how the different senses give rise to different vibrations of awareness and this sense of sight merged into the vastness of the clear blue sky as a lattice of clouds formed superimposed over That and in the foreground was an emerald green bush with tiny white blossoms that glimmered in a blur in the sunlight like jewels due to my imperfect physical sight. Melting in joyous ecstasy, the thought came of last night's communion with musical vibrations permeating my awareness through the sense of hearing loosing myself into the heart, worshiping the unspeakable bounty coming up out of the silence that shuts out all doubt and separation. Or the overwhelming perfume of jasmine flowers permeating the nostrils or the touch of a lover in waves of sexual ecstatic union. In utter gratitude, oh Mother, oh play of life, how you enthrall us and capture us in your embrace until there is nothing left but you!

By Jordan 6 years 10 months ago

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Before I had opened into the Absolute, the rub of my Absolute and Relative identities felt painful, I felt like I had to do something to fix myself, I felt wrong. But now that I have opened, and continue to open into the Absolute, this rub manifests as love, devotion, Krishna's laughter, or Christs tears.
It is so silly, I had created pain out of love and devotion. But I see now that I really had no choice, because of my perspective. I was looking from the relative, I had not opened enough into the absolute.
And now, I am beginning to intuit that both the relative and the absolute are just perspectives that the mind creates.
The absolute is relative in this way. The real is beyond both.

What a life....
or, Non-life...
or, thingy majiggy.....

Mystery.... that's the word.