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By jasalerno 2 years 5 months ago

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I was thinking about Doug's question on the forum. If you think of the innocence of a child, he's happy most of the time except for times when he falls and skins his knee or wanders off and discovers he's all alone for a few seconds until he see's his mother watching him. Then the pain of the skinned knee and the moment of fear vanishes and he is happy again. He's happy most of the time because he's innocent, but ignorant of who he really is.

Then he gets older and he is taught by his parents, teachers, the media and society that you have to strive to be happy, you should be like your brother, your father, like your neighbor. You need to be rich, wear the right clothes, have the right job, get married, have children and on and on.

Then maybe when he gets a little older and starts to see there is something wrong with all of this, he starts asking questions, he becomes a seeker of truth. He's taught you have to be enlightened to know the truth, you need a guru, a technique, you have to eat the right food, have the proper daily routine and on and on.

Then if he is lucky, thru grace he gains that innocence again. The only difference between this innocence and the innocence he had when he was a child, is that he now knows through the experience of striving and seeking that happiness is not gained by these things, but by being innocent as a child. But, he had to go through this in order to know this.

So, happiness is different in different states of awareness. As a child we are happy because we don't know anything else. When we loose our childhood innocence we become unhappy because we are taught to be unhappy. When we start to question what we are taught because we are unhappy then we start to seek for happiness through gaining enlightenment instead of things in the relative, but we are still not happy.

Happiness will be subject to change until innocence comes about through experience and knowledge. When by grace all that striving and seeking comes to an end and the mind becomes acquiescent, only then can happiness be. You can't say it is permanent because happiness is. It is already that. We just have to go through this process of realizing that.

By doug 2 years 5 months ago

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is happiness permenant or always subject to change

By gabriel5779 2 years 5 months ago

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I reluctantly decided to attend Davids event last friday in Sedona, i was amazed at the purity and preciousness of what i experienced and what I'm still experiencing .I also attended his webinar tonight , I'm so grateful to have discovered David. Tonight was nothing less than immaculate. David came into my life at a perfect time i was stumbling along for a while and his work has given me wings. Much love, Namaste. Rob Sedona, Az 7/29/15

By Amina 2 years 5 months ago

I love you.

By Imayami 2 years 7 months ago

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Leaning into the Avatar -
Eagerly surrendered I lean
into the Avatar
like I child crawling into the arms of a mother.
As I live, I am living in the Avatar - walking down the road - leading to the Avatar
Come lean with me... live... and be lead

The hands of the Avatar grabs me, and I grab onto you: Come with me!
The Avatarship is a ship of light, love and energy - pointing it's bows everywhere as Self
The seven seas they all are Mother; the Mother Sea
Lost! like a drop - Found like the togetherness
of many drops coming together - in an ocean without drops

Dear little drop: come with me!
Come! - let's loose ourselves
let's get lost - in the Mother Sea

In the Sea, Love found me
Now I live as a lonely drop - dripping everywhere
- with a taste of the salty Mother Sea
with the Love of "no drop"

Bound in Relationship
- bound to forever being lost and found
Is this really Love?
this life, this living?
"Yes my Dear"
the Sea whispered, in my scallop shell ear
Love is: you eternally asking why?
and me answering: your fulfillment is
that you are lost - so that you can forever be found in the Mother Me

Leaning into the Avatar,
I feel the warmth, the shining explosion of Bhakti-Shakti-Light
From all sides the Avatar comes
to be here
with you and me
whereever the here is
here is always here
there is never a there
cause it will be a here when it comes
Avatar - concurring all, eating the world
cause there were never a world in the first place
it was all the play in the Avatar's hair
of the dancing shakti winds

I Love you! - Come! - Let's be Together
Leaning into the Avatar's Self