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By BHAKTI8 2 years 2 months ago

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I had the most powerful and magical 4 days of my life at this final retreat in Sedona. Deep Deep....so deep, full rich meditations. Tantric visitations at night of divine Mother caressing herself in ecstasy through my body. Who could have ever thought this possible. I had read stories in the past of such experiences but never dreamed they would be happening to me. Even though experiences come and go and clearly are not to be clung onto......they leave a beautiful fragrance of divine light and love infused into my being. The highlight for me was on the last day in meditation I had a vision...like a movie. David brought to me my earthly mother who had passed several years ago. She and I were often at odds with one another due to my refusal to limit myself to Christianity and religion. He had her by the arm. She was in her full radiance. David's face glowing with light. He brought her to me and I heard her say, "I am so happy for you that you have found this radiance". It seemed all was healed between us at that moment. I cried....and am still crying for this gift of love and healing. Also, when the retreat was over we hung out until the end. I had wanted to say goodbye to David but was not able to because he was with others. So I walked to my car a little bummed. But just as I was placing my items in the car getting ready to go, I turned my head and there he was inside of a car. His face was glowing and his eyes were like giant blue oceans of light and love. He was smiling at me waving goodbye. Full and complete. That is what this teaching is about. It does not get any better than this. And even though I usually end up having some deep residual emotions come to the surface after these intensives, I know I am being fully supported and meticulously guided into full radiance. He truly cares about each one of us and our happiness. Jai David!!!!! We are so blessed to have this grace filled teaching. Namaste!

By gabriel5779 2 years 2 months ago

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Its Been couple days since the retreat here in sedona so i believe I'm purdy well integrated enough to say that , I'm here nowhere a blissful self , thats it :) Happy <3 .. David presence was so healing for me the darkness that has daunted my navel area emotional center for eternity is much lighter.. Thank you David and Orley and everyone that made the retreat what it was.. Namaste

By Gayle Lee 2 years 3 months ago

What is a David Spero Intensive? To me…everything and no-thing.

The everything is the divine imprint of what it is to be fully alive, charged up, and complete… To feel each cell and the minutest bio-particle vibrating with a life-force infusion of extreme sensitivity and intensity… Thus creating within a powerful presence potentiated to topple the most deeply rooted untruths and dismantle all false programs, defense systems, prophets, and belief boxes… To then serenely, softly, and sweetly set free and unveil the most precious and intimate of all secrets, mysteries, and knowingness…the true revelation of our own Beloved Self, shimmering radiantly in its full regalia and splendor as infinite beauty, bliss, ecstasy, and rapture.

The no-thing is simply the sneaky, ever scheming and demeaning mind…now stun-gunned into silent retreat.

Thank you, David, for sharing your love, devotion, living infusions of Shakti streaming from within your heart’s deepest communion with all of us.

For one who has traversed the spiritual planes through many decades, popping into myriad doorways and directions, I have arrived at a new threshold. My search is complete. The ease and grace of what you have to share is so insanely simple, and yet so ingeniously profound!

It’s the experience itself that is the teaching. Why? Because once we experience the full vitality of our nature as the divine current that flows through everything, we cannot un-know it. It is our only truth, flowing out of grace, remembered and celebrated… Not just one time, but as a forever returning wave that rejoices in its new found freedom to ebb and flow unrestricted as a breathing interactive part of the whole fabric of all the forces of nature at play. And suddenly within this divine flash of flesh and spirit, we join it all as creator gods within the infinite and the eternal.

By Joe in Oakland 2 years 3 months ago

Ever since attending the July retreat in Sedona, it's felt like I've been riding a wave of greater bliss and energy. I'm becoming more familiar with the sensation of simply resting in this living relationship with David and what he is. I had to wait hours at the airport for my flight home, yet I can still remember the deep sense of sanctity I felt about my being as I sat at the crowded terminal. I didn't want to change my thoughts or touch ANYTHING about the way I was. I didn't feel the need to evolve or love myself or anything like that. Just being was nothing and everything and more than I could ask for. I wanted nothing more than to move, think, feel, and exist.

The first session of Saturday's online intensive was amazing too. I took a nap afterwards, where I had a dream or vision. Overall, it was very beautiful and complex, but there was this one peak darshan which stands out in memory:

I sat facing an empty bench at the Light House in Sedona. I felt David was about to sit there, and I thought, "Oh my gosh, he's really gonna do it! He's really gonna sit there!" When I looked at him, my body felt a couple of infusions of cool liquid. And that's when things went a little nuts, and I started writhing in ecstasy, rubbing my face against the table, slobbering all over it, feeling the bliss lifting me out of my chair, and who knows what else. The joy of noticing David's presence was just overwhelming and magical.

It felt like a kind of blissful insanity, so I thought that poetry would be the best way to approximate the feeling of that darshan. Rumi is probably rolling over in his grave right now, but whatever. I assume he's still happy:


Jellyfish Float

I thought it was wine you gave me,
but why do I feel so heavy now?
If I sink deep into the ocean now,
Who will save me from drowning?

In your eyes, I find the will to float,
to fly within the infinite womb.
I can believe whatever you speak
from beyond this wall of water,

my home. I’ve wandered so far,
thinking that the sages lived
on mountaintops. I’ve come
down now, down to my senses.

To swim is to trust. And to float
is to feel. May all the jellyfish
do my thinking for me. May
this and that guide my steps

through salty water holding moonlight.
The flavor makes me cry through
my mouth. I drink through my teeth.
Forgive this fool for swallowing ecstasy

in one gulp. The fish are free, they are
all inside of me. I’ll drown in madness,
there is no salvation. I’ll work, I’ll play.
And nobody will know my name. Only

you can see me turning my head to look
into my heart. The moon is full, your
seat is empty. I look with love through
that drinking glass to see if you are looking too.


I'm also supposed to be at the August retreat. I'm a bit nervous - perhaps because I never know what to expect. But then again, in the context of bliss, expectation seems like madness.

By jasalerno 2 years 3 months ago

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I was thinking about Doug's question on the forum. If you think of the innocence of a child, he's happy most of the time except for times when he falls and skins his knee or wanders off and discovers he's all alone for a few seconds until he see's his mother watching him. Then the pain of the skinned knee and the moment of fear vanishes and he is happy again. He's happy most of the time because he's innocent, but ignorant of who he really is.

Then he gets older and he is taught by his parents, teachers, the media and society that you have to strive to be happy, you should be like your brother, your father, like your neighbor. You need to be rich, wear the right clothes, have the right job, get married, have children and on and on.

Then maybe when he gets a little older and starts to see there is something wrong with all of this, he starts asking questions, he becomes a seeker of truth. He's taught you have to be enlightened to know the truth, you need a guru, a technique, you have to eat the right food, have the proper daily routine and on and on.

Then if he is lucky, thru grace he gains that innocence again. The only difference between this innocence and the innocence he had when he was a child, is that he now knows through the experience of striving and seeking that happiness is not gained by these things, but by being innocent as a child. But, he had to go through this in order to know this.

So, happiness is different in different states of awareness. As a child we are happy because we don't know anything else. When we loose our childhood innocence we become unhappy because we are taught to be unhappy. When we start to question what we are taught because we are unhappy then we start to seek for happiness through gaining enlightenment instead of things in the relative, but we are still not happy.

Happiness will be subject to change until innocence comes about through experience and knowledge. When by grace all that striving and seeking comes to an end and the mind becomes acquiescent, only then can happiness be. You can't say it is permanent because happiness is. It is already that. We just have to go through this process of realizing that.