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By Joe in Oakland 2 years 3 months ago

One of the most peculiar aspects of David's way of teaching and contacting is that he does much of it through the internet. It really puts a new iteration on the entire notion of "avatar". I am not aware of any spiritual teacher of significant realization who sends so much initiatory power through the medium of cyberspace, or who goes so far as to say that his website is an extension of his body.

This is just like so many other aspects of David which are presented so naturally and quietly. David himself doesn't make a big deal about much of it, so it may take a bit of contemplation on the part of the student to notice how special and revolutionary it can be.

I guess it all makes some sense, though, if I consider how much time I spend looking at the screens of computers and mobile devices. Maybe it's just in the nature of divine grace that it descends, to meet me wherever I happen to be.

Like so many others, I find regular nourishment from David's webcasts. I'm often at work during the Wednesday evening webcasts, but I always manage to make time to attend the second half during my meal break.

This September, however, was different, because David's broadcasting schedule shifted one hour while he was visiting New Mexico, so the evening webcasts would not be happening during my usual meal break. I was able to rearrange my days off so that I could be at home during these webcasts, but somehow I forgot to make sure time was available for the last Wednesday evening of September.

I drove to work that day, feeling disappointed at myself for not considering the schedule change soon enough. But then I thought, "This is David we're talking about. Unexpected stuff happens. We'll see."

At work, this is what happened (all times are approximate and in California time):

400pm My work shift starts.

530pm My immediate supervisor tells me that it's time for my twice yearly training in department policies. He and another administrator search for a cubicle with an available computer for me to use. I'm surprised to hear that none are available. I've taken these kinds of interactive computer trainings about a dozen times before, and there have always been computers available. They send me to the lunch room and set me up with one of the recreational computers that employees use during break times. The computer shows three training programs. The administrator tells me to complete them all. The supervisor and administrator leave me so I can start the training.

540pm People in the lunch room are talking loudly, and it is hard for me to hear the audio from the training. I worry that I won't pass these exams if I can't hear the instruction.

555pm I pass the first training program with a little difficulty. I think, "Wow, it's almost 6pm. David's webcast is starting soon. But I still have two more programs to do. These trainings are so meaningless. I hate this administrative crap. What a waste of life. I could be getting high with David and all the cool kids, but I'm stuck here in detention."

557pm I start the second program. It is really boring, and I barely understand what kinds of policies they are talking about. People start leaving the room. It is quiet, and it occurs to me that I am alone in time for the webcast, that I happen to be sitting at the only shared computer in our department whose screen is not visible to people passing by. An evil plan begins to take shape. I open an extra browser tab and log on to David's webcast. I turn the webcast audio off, while leaving the training program audio on.

600pm The webcast begins, and I feel the shakti flowing quite liberally. I keep my eyes open, with my mouse pointer positioned to quickly hide the webcast tab in case my supervisor or anyone else comes back to check on me.

615pm The audio from the second training program ends, and I take a couple of minutes to answer the exam questions. I pass this exam easily, even though I wasn't paying much attention to the audio. I start the audio for the third program and go back to the webcast right away.

620pm A higher level supervisor walks around the lunch room, looking serious and scrutinizing as usual. But he doesn't come within view of my computer screen.

635pm The third program audio ends, and I fail the short exam, since none of the policies mentioned sounded familiar to me at all. I begin to think that they gave me an exam which was not meant for an employee of my type. I restart this audio, in order to make it sound like I am still busy with the training.

640pm The department chief walks into the lunch room. I almost never see him enter this room. It occurs to me that the circumstances which made it possible for me to attend this webcast are both very unusual and improbable. It is as if there is a force field preventing anyone from getting too near me. I wonder why my supervisor hasn't checked on me yet, since I've been spending way more time than necessary for the training. I wonder how I ended up at a computer terminal that I've never seen used for department trainings. And I wonder why they changed the entire format of the trainings this year so that they require less interaction, which frees me to spend nearly all my attention on the webcast. I watch the authority figures move in and out of the room, I feel the bliss which holds me, and I marvel at the beauty of this entire experience in all its motley glory.

650pm The audio ends again. I restart it again to buy more time.

705pm The webcast ends. My silent pranams to David.

707pm I find my supervisor and tell him that I passed two exams and failed the third, even though I went through the audio multiple times. He laughs and tells me not to worry about it, since they made a mistake, and I was actually required to take only the first training.

By jasalerno 2 years 3 months ago

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Out of the coal mine into your heart!
No separation here now. Nothing can keep us apart.
Like a freight train gone past go, but right here at start.
Go back to the garden now. It’s time to be in God.
The tree of life is inside of you. It blooms like Aron’s rod.
We ate of the tree of knowledge. It put us under the law.
Got to go back to innocence. Unblock the silver cord.
Out of the coal mine into your heart.
No separation here now. Nothing can keep us apart.

Judy from Fairfield

By gabriel5779 2 years 3 months ago

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Thank you David for your personal relationship, indeed you are with me when i draw near too you and a great comfort in moments of distress, I love You.

By Stephen 2 years 4 months ago

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Recently returned from a kind of initiative activity in Cuba, which, unlike previous kinds of undertakings, was inclusive of a direct experience of relationship with the Avatar. About that is what is truly important to share with you. Such activity is driven by personal desire, even if to some extent rooted in a compassionate energy. Having David in my life and moving with that in confrontation with the world created an intensification of personal psychological pain; but then this is intimately related to the infilling of Bliss which is available in Satsang with David.

Mother’s transmission of Shakti, though David, is generating a pantheon of physical sensations and emotional surges which constitute my understanding of the experiencing of Bliss. To the mind, in time, it is a process of clarification whereby seeing already existing unification with David as the Absolute occurs. In the duality of my existing condition, there is an intimacy rather than a cut between Bliss and personal psychological pain. The fact is I am full of desire, my desire, though it is Desire manifested Absolutely as Mother’s Play. Its a bodily experience to the core, seemingly to feed a bottomless pit of satisfaction leading to the pain of un-fulfillment. Bliss though, is an infilling, not something to seek and grasp and try to hold, for that would be another thing, and of mundane temporality.

Just before going to Cuba I attended some days of Satsang with David in Arizona where much clarification and acceleration was manifested in tasting knowledge-bliss. Being with him is being with an enigmatic paradox that is fascinating and alluring. He is a “somebody” too; but an individual clarified, left clean and innocent by the Absolute, going on as a vehicle of Shakti for the hungry desire of the world of people to love and be loved. It feels totally absurd not to spend as much time in his immediate company as feasible. I am feeling this is the full meaning of Satsang. I also intuitively feel my connection to David as I engage my desire in the world of social action. What is to be done with this madhouse of a world? Well something, but we had best not be attached to getting results, and with that, maintaining our dispassion and discrimination. Ultimately the mundane world is transformed by grace manifesting in the existence of enough individual beings such that there is a radical transformation of humanity. I feel therefore we need always to be with the Avatar and as much as possible in person.

By Gayle Lee 2 years 4 months ago

David, in love with you, I am
As outpourings of you
Lighten up and set free
Outpourings in me…

Ah, to feast no more
Upon the endless crumbs
Of Karmic french fries
A never-ending, perpetual “Lasting Supper”
Bite after sterile bite
Chewed up and swallowed
To what end?
A bitter belly…

One that lusts to know
The hearty flavor
Of its own sweetness
It is its deepest longing
Its forever yearning
For that one provocative taste
Into the sweetness river flow
To forever end
That masticating process of me
Trying to re-create me.

Labor no more
On this Labor Day.

Now, set free, I am,
To simply melt into the stream of The Mother
Given and received in your loving Presence,
My dear friend David…
Ah, to be enveloped in the swoon of it all
Filling up and becoming its deliciousness.

Something so new, so fresh
So revolutionary, so powerful
I want nothing more, and nothing else will do
The Darshan of you
Is the Self in me
Whelling up, drinking deeply
The Milk of the Mother
The only food that can nourish my soul
To explode into own sweetness of divine rapture.