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By Amina 1 year 7 months ago

Beloved David,

Happy Guru Purnima. I love You.


By gabriel5779 1 year 7 months ago

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Wow thank you David, for a powerful night I've been going through it intensely lately one thing you said in one of your videos when you're really going through it , it's got you it's a time of great transformation came to mind or something along those lines tonight was very powerful my heart was pierced i felt a lot of shakti and i got my wings back :) Love you man :) Cant wait to see you Friday... Namaste :)

By doug 1 year 7 months ago

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you have left nothing to the minds imagination, yet i can only imagine what you are saying. You tell the truth on a level that is wise. A old soul. avatar

By Robert A. Rigby 1 year 7 months ago

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The Grace that David radiates is proving to be a bridge between the sacred and the secular,the relative and the Absolute,the inner and the outer,the subject and the object!
This spontaneous ongoing revelation actually reveals experientially the unification of all these seeming distinctions as any sense of a me as a separate experiencer blinks in and out in diminishment.
Light,Love,Innocence,Trust,Vibrant Silence,Devotion are the names and faces of That which has no name and no face !
I am in Your Hands and Heart!

By janny 1 year 7 months ago

Just before the webcast I had been struggling with feelings of despair about my life; with feelings of not belonging; of not being spiritually advanced enough to be a part of David's community... I was feeling utterly left out and infinitely lonely, sunk in a powerful vortex of negativity. During the webcast meditation I was feeling all this still. I simply couldn't get free of the vortex, although I kept returning to awareness of Davids' form sitting patiently with us. Then I suddenly felt as though I passed through his form into that Field of Compassion. I felt, almost physically, a comforting embrace that kept drawing me in. Each time the negativity vortex began to suck me back in it felt as if the embrace was pulling me out. I'd never felt any thing like that before during the meditations.

Then David answered a question at length and the words were so incredibly pertinent to much of what I'd been thinking/feeling recently that I was stunned. At the end he told us not to feel excluded or lonely (!), that we could participate in the Sedona retreat in our own home at the times when they're meditating there (which I plan to do when possible). The words were such a comfort. I felt wrapped in kindly blessings.