Summer 2016 Sedona Silent Retreats

David will offer three Silent Retreats that will initiate participants into the realms of Awakened Heart Consciousness. During these retreats participants enjoy luminous saturation and heartfelt transformation. This interface with David will stimulate your spiritual evolution and enhance personal practices and sadhana.

Click here for more information on the Summer 2016 Sedona Silent Retreats.

April 2017 Mount Madonna Retreat

David will offer a four-day silent retreat at the beautiful Mount Madonna Conference Center in Watsonville, California: Wednesday through Sunday, April 12-16, 2017. Expansive views, hiking trails and a unique devotional atmosphere make this facility an optimal location to share sacred time with David.

Click here for more information on the April 2017 Mount Madonna Retreat.

David's Live Webcasts

You are invited to join David on Wednesday mornings and evenings from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. and 7:00 - 8 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time). His Webcast begins with a silent group meditation. David then usually takes questions from viewers. During the Webcast, participants may receive a direct experience or transmission of the unique and powerful spiritual atmosphere generated by David, which is radiated spontaneously: a unified fabric of Non-Dual Awareness, Devotional Rapture, and Kundalini-Shakti Enlivenment. Everyone is welcome to participate in this special Internet event. Please click here for more information.

"My Webcasts are offered in the spirit of expanding and enlightening the consciousness of the human race."

~ David Spero

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Newly Released Public Program DVD

Beyond the Debris of Conditioned Reality, February 24, 2013; The Movement of Beauty Is the Actualization of Truth, April 8, 2016
Creation Is Devi's Avataric Lila, July 2, 2002; The Fire of Reality, July 24, 2002
Dying While Alive, September 26, 2004; Embracing Kundalini, Parts 1 and 2, January 24, 2009
Exoteric and Esoteric Spiritualities, Parts 1 and 2, September 11, 2004
Beyond Silence and Noise, August 14, 2004; Shakti: An Outpouring of Total Consciousness, August 21, 2004; Total Vulnerability in Not Knowing, August 24, 2004

Newly Released Webcast DVD

Internet Talks, Volume 30, Freeing Consciousness from Dangerous Neoliberalism, December 6, 2014; The Thrill of Mere Existence, June 17, 2015; Anger and Open Attention, October 28, 2015; The Self Is a Sun of Radiant Feeling, November 21, 2015
Volume 29, April 3, 7 and 9, 2009
Volume 28, February 17 and March 25, 2009
Volume 27, March 28 and 31, 2009
Volume 26, Whole Bodily Enlightenment, April 30, 2014; The Impact of Bliss, September 17, 2014; Tasting Non-Duality, March 25, 2015


  • If you want your humanness to live inside your Realization, then your heart has to become open and broken like that, completely, both in happiness and in sorrow.


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Participants' Testimonials


I feel the permeating sweetness of Your Darshan progressively building bodily Bliss. Your yoga-tantra keeps opening the window of my heart.

Divine Vortex

Being drawn, as I am, before the Divine vortex of Light, Fire, Love, Energy that You Are, is as natural a homecoming as that of the moth to the flame. All that is not real, that which is transitory or illusional, is spontaneously released upon exposure to Your Brilliant Transmission! This limitless fusion of Love is an alchemical crucible that transfigures separation into unity, the relative into the Absolute, time/space into that which is beyond. The embodied Grace that You are has drawn this moth to Your flame and the resulting surrender reveals a consummate Peace That Passeth Understanding! I am in Your hands, at Your feet and as I am. With Great Love!

Heart Bursting

...Joy and Bliss bursting from my heart. Jai!

Very Gracious

Thank you, David. This morning was an ever deepening descent and ascent into the Absolute; very gracious. Thank you for being the anchor of my life. I love you.
Rob H.