Summer 2015 Sedona Silent Retreats

David will offer two Silent Retreats that will initiate participants into the realms of Awakened Heart Consciousness. During these retreats participants enjoy luminous saturation and heartfelt transformation. This interface with David will stimulate your spiritual evolution and enhance personal practices and sadhana.

Click here for more information on the Summer 2015 Sedona Silent Retreats.

David's Live Webcasts

You are invited to join David on Wednesday mornings and evenings from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. and 7:00 - 8 p.m. (Pacific Time). His Webcast begins with a silent group meditation. David then receives questions from viewers. During the Webcast, participants may receive a direct experience or transmission of the unique and powerful spiritual atmosphere generated by David, which is radiated spontaneously: a unified fabric of Non-Dual Awareness, Devotional Rapture, and Kundalini-Shakti Enlivenment. Everyone is welcome to participate in this special Internet event. Please click here for more information.

"My Webcasts are offered in the spirit of expanding and enlightening the consciousness of the human race."

~ David Spero

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  • It’s cool – there’s no higher God than you.


Newly Released Public Program DVD

Floating Moment by Moment, December 13, 2003; Inherent Integrity, July 31, 2004; The Paradoxical Nature of Awakening, August 7, 2004
Go to the Unconditioned, May 27, 2003; Accomplishment of the Path, July 24, 2004
Essence of the Real, May 7, 2002; The Beauty of Inwardness, April 22, 2003; Inwardness and Beyond, May 13, 2003
Nothingness, Luminosity and the Divine Mother, June 17, 2003; You are the Name of Every God, June 21, 2003; Become Confounded for the Tao Is Dark, December 6, 2003
Heart Awakening Opens Everything, April 29, 2003; Balancing the Inner and Outer, June 10, 2003

Newly Released Webcast DVD

Volume 22, March 13, 20 and 27, 2013
Volume 21, February 16 and 27, March 6, 2013
Volume 20, January 30, February 6 and 20, 2013
Volume Nineteen, June 16 and 20, 2012; January 16, 2013
Volume Eighteen, December 15 and 26, 2012


Participants' Testimonials


Such a sweepingly ecstatic, transcendental hour with David! Again, nothing in any other corner of my life is as ecstatic as my weekly Wednesday meditation gathering with David; so much Bliss, so much gratitude.

Loving Impact

These Webcasts are so valuable. It feels wonderful to come back to that sense of self that is not striving. It is so real. Love is always there; so much gratitude for David's transmission. There is an impact for days.
Guru Darshan


Wow! Utterly intoxicating from beginning to end. The Goddess Shakti devours me like a bloody meal in an orgiastic ritual. I respond with surrender of the resistance, taboos, fears and shames that come up so I can fall into the all-pervading embrace even more. I may become addicted, which points to the further lessons. Forgive the purple prose, but I'm overwhelmed at the moment.


David, your amazing presence is slowly transforming my life from the inside out. Thank you for teaching us to relax and enjoy the process.